"Scorpio or Libra."

You were born on a cusp.
friends on the other side
couldn't decide,
Scorpio or Libra.
You yourself,
as constant as the tides.

A tenth sign ram
was blessed to cross
your lovely path
and the ram learned:

Short curly hair
pinned back reveal
asiatic eyes.
As you pass by and by
Time and time hearts race

Chicken salad sandwich,
its moist mayonnaise
is never as delicious
without a pickle.

No, Scrubhub.
Too content to leave the room.
Yummy Rummy,
food in our tummy.

Broth, cheese and wine.
Mushrooms and time.
If ever I tasted love,
it was shared with me,
in a recipe.

Sound opinion in scores.
Royal, like the Tenenbaums.
Bill Murray fantastic.
Pink Moon over and over and over.
Divide that by nine.

And now I know,
almost as well as you,
how good Goodfellas is,
even after the tenth time.

Early morning awakenings or
snooze again and again and again.
Paralyzed in a dream or
awoken with a scream,
we tried a routine:

Once parts of a team,
a memory faster than it seemed.
Ran for miles.

A boy and girl in the hall,
amongst the boys and girls
in the hall.
Digital regulars in ecstasy.
Wake next to you a daydreamer.

So, when life gets hard,
and you're feeling down,
don't be so glum,
ignore your doubts,
don't feel left out,
I'll be there for you,
when you need me to.

"together. . Toward the 12th star above libra. Above and beyond reality. ."

Sleep.. within thoughts.. with your memories of the day.. share your dreams with others... golden sand will be on the wooden floors of the dream chamber.. light blue flame will burn as u enter.. all the others here are dreaming also.. pour your emotions and get drunk off their souls.. one night we will all fly together. . Toward the 12th star above libra. Above and beyond reality. .

and its not straight on till morning
"Libra gives the torch to Scorpions heir"
Nebulous the Poet 

I step outside and feel my nose crinkle
Look to the sky and watch the V’s fly south
Walk through the woods and hear the leaves whistle
Take a deep breath and taste fall in my mouth.

A start to the happiest time of year
Everything’s changing like wind where it blows.
Squirrels hide acorns, scarecrows create fear,
Pumpkins make faces at kids and their clothes.

Delectable treats in bags and buckets,
Scary films to watch on the edge of your seat.
Kids running around creating ruckus,
Stomping on leaves in the street with their feet.

Lets not forget Oktoberfest and beer;
Where people gather ‘round to celebrate
A special event that’s held every year,
Something so special you can’t replicate.

Delicious mystery looms in the air
While evil spirits meander ‘round town.
Libra gives the torch to Scorpions heir
And leaves pile up into one big mound.

The autumn harvest is now creeping up
Making food to put on everyone’s plate.
A great time of year where change is a must
Because without change, nothing can be re-made.

Wuji Dec 2012

Destined to dominate,
Taming a fierce lion.
Velvet whip at the ready,
The cracks make her purr.

She is so used to being in control,
My time to take the reigns.
Give her pain and suffering,
To make the scale equal again.

She might want to win,
But she loves when I bring her to her knees.
Manipulating the monster,
That I thought controlled me.

Your sentence is simple,
Eye for an eye.
You killed me inside out,
Now it's your time to die.

Glad you did your research,
Now it's time for the test.
Will you fight me off,
Or can you truly not resist?

I have the power in this cage,
Lock me in,
So I can't engage.

You would look it up. What better place than the sky?
"Think fondly of me, my Libra Lover."
Kiara McNeil 

I fight with my twin.

You struggle with the scales.

We’re both torn this time

and love won’t prevail.

My opposite, my doppelganger, my sister

And you can balance but it won’t fix us.

What you seek I can’t give away easily

and what I need you won’t give to me.

My what an astrological web of disaster we have woven.

Think fondly of me, my Libra Lover.

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