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Ray Aug 2021
He bought me the strokes album, the one I didn't have which
well, that means he looked through all my vinyl and saw the missing part in my collection.

I stopped collecting after you handed me random vinyl you acquired on your Cambridge day trips
**** your lackluster
**** your candor
Ray Aug 2021
I just want to feel whole again

strong again

Some semblance of what my parents once thought of me

some semblance of anything before they touched me
and tore me shred by shred

there are things that I wish we could change about our daily
but here I am chugging wine and telling you things are

Ray Jul 2021
Nothing good ever happened after 3 am

So I got pills to knock me out before then
Ray May 2020
I guess I'm all moved in,
I can't tell where he ends and I begin
Ray May 2019
He says I worry too much
I’ll stop worrying when I stop being wrong;
9/10 times is too high to disregard.
Ray Jun 2018
Sometimes I think I'm too much to handle,
most days.
Mind the skeletons when you come back to my place;
It's been a long year,
or two.

And when things don't go the way I planned,
I burn bridges instead of staying sad.
I suppose I'm a little too much to handle,
most days;
Some days are better than the rest.

I thought I'd changed since we last left,
I thought you'd have changed at least a bit.
I suppose its a little too much to handle,
most days,
but I can't say without you is better than the rest.
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