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Ray May 17
I guess I'm all moved in,
I can't tell where he ends and I begin
Ray May 2019
He says I worry too much
I’ll stop worrying when I stop being wrong;
9/10 times is too high to disregard.
Ray Jun 2018
Sometimes I think I'm too much to handle,
most days.
Mind the skeletons when you come back to my place;
It's been a long year,
or two.

And when things don't go the way I planned,
I burn bridges instead of staying sad.
I suppose I'm a little too much to handle,
most days;
Some days are better than the rest.

I thought I'd changed since we last left,
I thought you'd have changed at least a bit.
I suppose its a little too much to handle,
most days,
but I can't say without you is better than the rest.
Ray May 2018
It’s been a long time coming
Three years on, two years gone
Yet we still manage to collide
Headfirst back into each other’s lives
With manic conversations catching up and singing verses
They always lead to heated meetings
at the bar at the show where you said you’d never be
Back to my place for a beer or 3
but nothing good ever happens after 2am
And you know that as well as me.

Im sorry I’m not good enough for you always,
But for now I’ll be good enough for this week
Until you meet the girl of your dreams,
I’ll keep you company.
I’ll keep you company.
Ray Mar 2018
Nothing good ever happened after three am except you,
toxic whirlwind of bad decisions landing me in a
half wired half lit static stasis
half dressed, half mess, covered in ******* and pabst;
Maybe you're the bad thing after three
Maybe if we stay up a little longer it'll cancel out the last few years.
Ray Feb 2018
You're the one who turned to me,
disappointed with where things left off.
Look where we are now.
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