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VC Mar 28
At a crossroads again

Hecate incarnate

The goddess in me yearns for freedom

I choose a path leading away from what once was

I no longer fear any path is a wrong path

but the one leading to exactly where I need to be

For a time, I may walk alone

because there is such growth in solitude

If we meet along the way, I am grateful for your company

Life can get lonely at times

We can walk together, in a common direction

or we can go our separate ways once there is only room for one

I will not drag you with me if this is not where you are meant to go

But I will guide you to your own path to follow with love and encouragement

And if we meet again along the way, I hope you have grown

Maybe we can teach each other something new

Or maybe we will walk together, except on parallel paths

Together, yet separate

Headed in the same direction

With plenty of room to breathe

It's just nice knowing you're there

Yes, I think this is the way
VC Jul 2018
Ask not why I'm not yet wed

but hope I am happy instead

Wish I may never blindly be led into a life of regretful dread

Celebrate self love is always enough

Know I am a true diamond in the rough

Behold, I am too strong, too bold

to settle for anything less than gold
VC Jul 2018
In this day and age if you are different

If you have longer hair and brighter eyes

If you have learned the math of the universe and understand the way nature works

If you have mastered ways to make life bend to your will

If you know how to listen to the vibration of the earth and march to the beat of a different drummer

You are called a witch

And you are judged and persecuted not physically but emotionally

Women hate you and men fear you

Had you been alive centuries ago you would have been burned at the stake

The memory, the anger lives on

But there is no prouder legacy
VC Jul 2018
O karmic master
Wisened by lifetimes
Sharpened by experience
I bow to thee
You, the mentor
I, demented
Do your dance, lure me in
Cast a spell
Penetrate me with cunning
Fill me with intellect
Take the reins
Show me the ropes
Maybe you can be the one
To tie me down
and teach me a lesson
VC Jul 2018
A short poem of things said to me lately:
You look sad and tired
You're too young to not have energy
Why aren't you married?
Do you have kids?
What kind of men do you like? <lists races>
Don't wait for a good person, you'll be waiting forever
You're too pretty to be alone
Aren't you afraid?
You're so brave
Wait for the right one; don't settle
Thank you for your dedication
I hope your life gets better
It takes time
You're doing a great job, Victoria
Hang in there
VC Jul 2018
Managed to **** a Scorpio with authority issues off during Mars retrograde
I am transforming into a boss *** *****
My fuse has been lit
There are mortars going off
It sounds like war all around me
How symbolic
How volatile
I worked a 13 hour day today to escape the battle going on in my head
I celebrate my own independence
I fought for the right to live my truth
I will not act small ever again
I will not dull myself so others may shine
I am a firework
I shoot for the stars
and burst and bloom into color and light
VC Jul 2018
Landed on this lone star

Stranded in limbo among fellow lost souls

The sinners, rejects, and fallen angels

We are all in oblivion together

Here in this holding cell

Waiting for something

Don't know what it is or when

But it'll be better than this

Hoping salvation will come

Making the best out of the worst

We are glitches in time

Ghosts of future, brighter selves

Soon enough this will all be forgotten

We are just visiting
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