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2.3k · Sep 2018
It is strange...
Albuna Sep 2018
It is strange,
Strange how someone can hurt you so much.
Strange how you can't sleep because of this person,
How you stay awake the entire night because you think of him.
It is strange how you suddenly want to be around him,
Or only hear his voice.
It is strange how every time when he looks deeply in your eyes your body starts to shake.
It is strange how when you think of him,
Your eyes start to shine,
Or you automatically smile like an idiot.
It is strange how your body can't move when he touches you.
Strange how you listen to every word he says.
Strange how you love it when he speaks about his passion.
Strange how you know everything about him,
But he nothing about you...
Strange how your friends say to stay away from him...
Strange how you don't listen to them,
You don't hear their warnings.
Strange how you believe everything HE says.
Strange how he doesn't want to know more about you,
And only speaks about his problems.
Strange how you help him with his problems,
Understand him,
And every time something happens, you are there for him.
You drag him out from the black hole he falls every time.
Strange how he writes with many other girls,
How he sends them hearts like he did it every time to you.
Strange how he wants pictures,
Pictures of your body.
Strange how he doesn't even ask about your problems.
Strange how his problems can't let go of you,
How you keep them inside of you,
Until they destroy you.
Strange how he called you every day,
And now he doesn't have time anymore.
Strange how you can't let go of him.
How your inside breaks when you hear his name.
How your tears you hold inside for too long,
Find their way out.
Now we don't write anymore as we once did.
We don’t meet each other anymore.
You don’t talk with me about your problems anymore.
I wish you two good luck and I hope that she doesn't break too.
Nobody has to go through this ****.
I hope that you will treat her better.
That you will listen to her.
That you will help her.
And the most important that you will LOVE her.

To the ones who fall in love with the wrong person.
2.0k · Dec 2018
Albuna Dec 2018
be nice with your words...

Because sometimes people don't realize,
that their words can hurt you more than a knife...

All you people can't you see?
Your words, they broke me...
Words can sometimes hurt more than a knife,
they can destroy your entire life...
1.6k · Aug 2021
Forbidden Love
Albuna Aug 2021
You came like a storm in my life, unexpected, leaving a big mess behind
Do you remember us laying on the grass watching the stars?
Me laying my head on your shoulders, feeling safe and protected close to you
It hurts so much that I lost you
I lost the most precious person I have ever met
You opened my eyes and made me experience what real love feels like
I can't forget your eyes, your glances, your smile and your laugh
I never opened up before, I never came to someone so close
I thought I can't, I couldn't open up to anyone
But with you, I didn't recognize myself
I was happier, your positive charisma pulled me along with it
You always listened to me, never interrupted me, you even listened, when I made the dumbest jokes and laughed with me.
You made my heart race.
Looking into your eyes would make my whole body shiver
I trusted you so much that I gave you my first kiss.
I found the person that I always dreamed of and lost that person
We let our love fall
Because the reality devoured us
Our families could never accept our love
Because of our different nationalities
Aren't we all human?
But we were too weak
We couldn't lose our families
They were too important to us
So we let our love fall, we did what they wanted.
Now all we have left are the memories we made.
I don't wake up happy anymore, the world now seems dark and boring to me.
You won't knock at my door anymore.
You won't sing loudly to songs in your car with me anymore (even though, you couldn't sing at all)
There won't be your smell all over my room anymore
You won't give me your jacket because I have cold anymore
I won't feel your kisses anymore
Will I ever forget you? I don't want to.
Two lovers gave up, they didn't fight.
And now they try to continue with their life
But it won't be the same anymore because they both still have each other on their minds.
How unexpected life can be.
In one day you meet a person and this person will steal your heart and change your entire life.
1.2k · Sep 2018
He owned my heart
Albuna Sep 2018
I should have knew it from the start , that guys like you just break my heart.

I should have listened to my mind but it was too late, he owned my heart...
My poor heart...
1.1k · Oct 2018
It’s so sad...
Albuna Oct 2018
So sad how I want to forget him.
To get over him.
But it’s not that easy as you think...
I saw him yesterday,
our eyes met and my heart exploded.
No! Not again! Don’t fall again!
He smiled and every anger, every hurt was blown away.
He owned me, and he knew what he does to my body.
He knows very well how he can hurt me
How he can destroy me
How he can manipulate me...
I’m just another stupid girl who can’t let go of him.
Who now tries to forget him,
But every time I look into his eyes,
I get lost,
So lost that I can’t find a way back...
Written from a lost soul
885 · Sep 2018
Just another stupid girl
Albuna Sep 2018
Waiting for his call.
To tell me how beautiful I am.
To tell me how crazy I am.
To tell me that I am not like the others.
To tell me that every time when I talk about something I am passionate about, my eyes start to shine.
To tell me how he loves it when I laugh.
To tell me that he likes me.
To tell me all those things every girl loves to hear.
But in real he doesn’t mean it.
In real he just wants to break my heart.
In real I’m just another girl he wants to get in his bed.
Just another stupid girl who’s heart just sees the good in those people.
                      Who can’t accept it that he is like this.                    
Who thinks she can change him.
But in the end she will end up with a broken heart.
She will end up believing she is ugly.
She will end up not believing in LOVE.
~ Albina
Albuna Sep 2018
You are a good person they say.
You’re going to find someone who deserves you they say.
But he, he isn’t the one for you they say.
He is just playing with you they say.
He only calls you because he is bored and needs someone stupid like you who listen to him, who believes everything he says.

Maybe they’re right...
But my heart doesn’t want to hear their warnings.

My HEART belongs now him...
Sometimes your friends want to warn you.
They don’t want to see you suffer...
646 · Mar 2021
Friends or enemy?
Albuna Mar 2021
They will talk **** about you
Because after watching you succeed it's the only thing they can do.
They were your closest friends, they were so kind...
But all they wanted was seeing you fail, seeing you far behind
But why this jealousy? Why this hate?
Are you for real this desperate?
616 · Feb 2019
I will forgive...
Albuna Feb 2019
I will forgive him ...
I will forgive him because he got hurt too.
This time he got hurt by a girl he loved,  he really loved.
I saw the pain in his eyes, I saw his broken heart.
It was like seeing myself,  standing in front of me...
My heartbroken self...
He broke me too...
And now he is crying because of another girl
Not because of me
I never believed in Karma,
But now I will.
When you do something bad,
Karma will come and get you.
Now he is the one who is broken...
And call me stupid or not
Even after he broke me
I still will help him.
Because there is nothing worse in this World, than a broken heart...
Maybe someday he will realize how much I did for him...
How much I helped him.
How I was there for him in bad times.
Maybe one Day he will be there for me too...
Maybe I am too kind hearted, but I forgive everyone...
Even when they broke my heart
549 · Dec 2018
The first love
Albuna Dec 2018
Never have I ever meet a person like you before.
You came to me, and I thought you are the one I’m looking for.
I don’t want to lose you, that’s what he said.
Many nights I was thinking about him, and laying in my bed.
The look he gave me or the smile,
I was like blown away for a while.
I have never loved a person so much in my life.
So much that when they do wrong, it hurts you like a knife.
I know so much about him, but he nothing about me.
All our memories were they devoured by the sea?
I shouldn’t have trusted you so much,
Can’t get you out of my mind, I still feel your touch.
How you called me beautiful and made me feel like that too,
But now you found someone new…
Didn’t you say I’m the only one for you?
I was so dumb, love can make you blind it's true.
But maybe some day I will get over it
Step by step I will forget him, every day a bit.
But one day  I will see him again,
My tears will find their way out, and my heart still feel the pain.
Because the first love is the most powerful one,
and sometimes after it,
               you can’t love any more another one.
The first love...
How could I ever forget about it?
430 · Apr 2019
Where is the light?
Albuna Apr 2019
Can’t get out
I'm trapped in a cage
Can’t move myself
I need your warm embrace
But nobody is here
No one understands
But how even
When all I need are some helping hands
Some hands to hold me
When I feel lost
Someone to tell me
You will do it! You will come across!
Someone who will drag me so high
That I will be able to see the lights
Someone who listens to my soul
Who doesn’t let me get out of control
But what if this person will never come?
Then I have to go through this all alone
Maybe someday I will be free
That’s what I always try to tell me
From a lost soul
Albuna Nov 2018
Isn’t it strange how you try to come back in my life?
How you realized you can’t find a girl like me in other girls.
You realized that,
because every time you looked another girl in her eyes,
You saw me.
You were searching in other girls for me.
Your heart is craving for me.
You knew it from the beginning, but you were too afraid to show.
You thought you were unable to start a relationship with me...
That’s why you left me alone.
Now you’re gone and you realized your mistake.
You realized that you’ve lost me.
A girl like me will not be found again...
Now you think you can come back in my life.
But it’s too late...
I will not let you come back again in my life!
Not now, when I finally got you out of my mind!
Not now, when I finally found after a long time again the happiness in my life!
Not now, when I was finally am able to laugh again!
I was happy before you came...
Please don’t come again...
373 · Sep 2018
Can’t find a soulmate
Albuna Sep 2018
How can someone you don’t know hurt you so much.
Make fun of you and treat you like an ***.
How do I even know if he is the one, when everytime we want to meet he didn’t come...
When everytime we want to meet he didn’t come.
Now sitting here and asking myself
Why? Why can’t I find a soulmate?
Why is everybody just breaking my heart?
Making me so angry but also laugh?
Why? Why? Why?
I’m asking WHY?
This is a song I wrote by myself.
346 · Jul 2019
Waiting for his call...
Albuna Jul 2019
I will call you, he said...
I knew that will forget to call me...
But I still waited desperately for his call...
It’s midnight, and he still didn’t call...

Why am I still waiting for his call?
People can talk much, but only their actions show you if they mean it for real.
307 · Mar 2020
Karma is watching
Albuna Mar 2020
Jeah you will pay for your bills
No darling dont be afraid !
Cause someone named "Karma" is watching you anyways ...
Jeah Darling Karma is watching…

— The End —