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Albuna Jul 12
I will call you, he said...
I said, that he will forget to call me...
He said that he will never forget it...
So I waited for his call...
It’s 12 pm and he still didn’t call...

Why am I still waiting for his call?
People can talk much, but only the actions of people show you if they mean it for real.
Albuna Apr 21
Can’t get out
I am closed in a cage
Can’t move myself
I need your warm embrace
But nobody is there
No one understands
But how even
When all I need are some helping hands
Some hands to hold me
When I feel lost
Someone to tell me
You will do it! You will come across!
Someone who will drag me so high
That I will be able to see the lights
Someone who listens to my soul
Who doesn’t let myself get out of control
But what if this person will never come?
Than I have to go through this all alone
Maybe someday I will be free
That’s what they try to tell me
From a lost soul
Albuna Feb 18
I will forgive him ...
I will forgive him because he got hurt too.
This time he got hurt by a girl he loved,  he really loved.
I saw the pain in his eyes, I saw his broken heart.
It was like seeing myself,  standing in front of me...
My heart broken self...
He broke me too...
I will forgive him...
I will forgive him because he got hurt too.
This time he got hurt by a girl he loved, he really loved.
I saw the pain in his eyes, I saw his broken heart.
It was like seeing myself, standing in front of me...
My heart broken self...
He broke me too...
And now he is crying because of another girl,
Not because of me
I never believed in Karma,
But now I will.
When you do something bad,
Karma will come and get you.
Now he is the one who is broken...
And call me stupid or not
Even when he broke me,
I will help him,
Because there is nothing more worse in this World, than a broken heart...
Maybe he will someday realize how much I did for him...
How much I helped him.
How I was there for him in bad times.
Maybe one Day he will be there for me too...
Maybe I am too kind hearted, but I forgive everyone...
Even when they broke my heart
Albuna Dec 2018
be nice with your words...

Because sometimes people don't realize,
that their words can hurt you more than a knife...

All you people can't you see?
Your words, they broke me...
Words can sometimes hurt more than a knife,
they can destroy your entire life...
Albuna Dec 2018
Never have I ever meet a person like you before.
You came to me, and I thought you are the one I’m looking for.
I don’t want to lose you, that’s what he said.
Many nights I was thinking about him, and laying in my bed.
The look he gave me or the smile,
I was like blown away for a while.
I have never loved a person so much in my life.
So much that when they do wrong, it hurts you like a knife.
I know so much about him, but he nothing about me.
All our memories were they devoured by the sea?
I shouldn’t have trusted you so much,
Now I can’t get you out of my mind, I can still feel your touch.
How you called me beautiful and made me feel like that too,
But now you found someone new…
Didn’t you say I’m the only one for you?
I was so dumb, love can make you blind it's true.
But hey, I will get over it!
Step by step I will forget him, everyday a little bit.
But someday I will see him again,
My tears will find their way out, and my heart still feel the pain.
Because the first love is the most powerful one,
and sometimes after it,
               you can’t love anymore another one.
The first love...
How could I ever forget about it?
Albuna Nov 2018
Isn’t it strange how you try to come back in my life?
How you realized you can’t find a girl like me in other girls.
You realized that,
because every time you looked another girl in her eyes,
You saw me.
You were searching in other girls for me.
Your heart is craving for me.
You knew it from the beginning, but you were too afraid to show.
You thought you were unable to start a relationship with me...
That’s why you left me alone.
Now you’re gone and you realized your mistake.
You realized that you’ve lost me.
A girl like me will not be found again...
Now you think you can come back in my life.
But it’s too late...
I will not let you come back again in my life!
Not now, when I finally got you out of my mind!
Not now, when I finally found after a long time again the happiness in my life!
Not now, when I was finally am able to laugh again!
I was happy before you came...
Please don’t come again...
Albuna Oct 2018
So sad how I want to forget him.
To get over him.
But it’s not as easy as you think...
I saw him again yesterday,
our eyes met and my heart exploded.
No! Not again! Don’t fall again!
He smiled and every anger, every hurt was blown away.
He owned me, and he knew, what he does to my body.
He knows very well how he can hurt me
How he can destroy me
How he can manipulate me...
I’m just another stupid girl who can’t let go of him.
Who now tries to forget him,
But every time I look into his eyes,
I get lost,
So lost that I can’t find a way back...
Written from a lost soul
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