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Albuna Aug 2021
You came like a storm in my life, unexpected, leaving a big mess behind
Do you remember us laying on the grass watching the stars?
Me laying my head on your shoulders, feeling safe and protected close to you
It hurts so much that I lost you
I lost the most precious person I have ever met
You opened my eyes and made me experience what real love feels like
I can't forget your eyes, your glances, your smile and your laugh
I never opened up before, I never came to someone so close
I thought I can't, I couldn't open up to anyone
But with you, I didn't recognize myself
I was happier, your positive charisma pulled me along with it
You always listened to me, never interrupted me, you even listened, when I made the dumbest jokes and laughed with me.
You made my heart race.
Looking into your eyes would make my whole body shiver
I trusted you so much that I gave you my first kiss.
I found the person that I always dreamed of and lost that person
We let our love fall
Because the reality devoured us
Our families could never accept our love
Because of our different nationalities
Aren't we all human?
But we were too weak
We couldn't lose our families
They were too important to us
So we let our love fall, we did what they wanted.
Now all we have left are the memories we made.
I don't wake up happy anymore, the world now seems dark and boring to me.
You won't knock at my door anymore.
You won't sing loudly to songs in your car with me anymore (even though, you couldn't sing at all)
There won't be your smell all over my room anymore
You won't give me your jacket because I have cold anymore
I won't feel your kisses anymore
Will I ever forget you? I don't want to.
Two lovers gave up, they didn't fight.
And now they try to continue with their life
But it won't be the same anymore because they both still have each other on their minds.
How unexpected life can be.
In one day you meet a person and this person will steal your heart and change your entire life.
He is in love with questions,
Little questions that she asks to him,
And the lilting world of words,
With the fabric of philosophy,
Taste of fresh ideas,
Interpretation of dreams and zodiacs,
And definitely for her stupid riddles.

But at the same moment

He is in love with one who left,
And the poisoned past he baths in,
With being perpetually lonesome,
In love with terrible yet beautiful memories,
With darkness, deep and coveted,
And holds scars for the one who left.

But what is actually happening

His soul is getting grey,
On journey with black and white passengers.

His body is getting ****,
With dusky heart and lightened mind.

Sadness and madness has held him together,
over and again.
Torn between two lovers feeling like a fool, loving both of you is breaking all the rules -Mary MacGregor
Violet Rose Oct 2016
He looks at me, and I look at her.
Exchanged glances between passing seconds of meaningless stares dreaming of meaningful dances
He holds me, and I touch her.
Bashful brushes of skin to skin in public places with filled seclusion in a hovering grey
He loves me, and I love her.
Simple questions while known answers linger in stolen kisses in dreamt lust and lost seduction
He has me, and I lost her.
Stalking envy in new lovers and torn pictures reflecting golden rays from shining eyes and broken ties
Oct. 4th, 2016 - 14:57
ZT May 2015
I have something to tell
But no one understands
Will you?

I love him
He loves me too

I love him
He loves me too

The problem now
Is they are two
Both are different
The old and new

I love them
They love me too
Must I really choose
The old or new?

The old, I loved
Long before
Started as friends
And then love grew

The new, I met
Not too long ago
Was a stranger to each other
But then love grew

I love them
They love me too
Must I really choose
The old or new?

I love them both
With all my life
Half of my heart
Each of them owns
In order to live
I need the two

The old is like
A home to me
A comfortable one
To replenish my energy
No matter where I’ll go
In his arms I’ll be back

The new is like
Places to see
Exploring and exciting
At times when comfortable becomes boring
He adds an element
Of fun in living

I love them
They love me too
Must I really choose
The old or new?

You may call me crazy
You may even curse at me
But both I love
With all my heart
I can’t let go of either one

Can’t I have both?

I know I can’t love two people
I know so well
But can’t I be selfish,
And have them both?

I have two lovers
I love them too
I don’t want to hurt either
What should I do?
(Inspired by the song two lovers by davichi ft. mad clown)

— The End —