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Erin Esterberg Oct 2019
I look over at you and see sunshine,
Rays and rays of never-ending bliss,
Radiating warmth and love.
Truly a living masterpiece;
Alive, beautiful, and breathtaking.
Erin Esterberg Aug 2019
I lost myself in you.
Your eyes, your words, your thoughts...
They all seem to leave me in a muzzy state.
You absorbed me.
My heart, my mind, my soul...
All of it is gone,
Buried deep within you.
I can't seem to find any of me,
And that is absolutely terrifying.
Erin Esterberg Aug 2019
I brought a pigeon home today.
Maybe she can be friends with my dove,
If she ever meets him.
I think she wants something,
She's watching me right now.
I can't tell what she's thinking,
But with a spirit so free,
And wings to take her wherever,
I'm betting her thoughts are quite free too.
Erin Esterberg Aug 2019
In your eyes, I find a map,
And so far it has led me past the stars
Into a galaxy of happiness and joy,
Through my own heart and into yours,
And it has showed me
Our love is a universe,
Expanding and compounding continuously,
But this expedition has brought me no treasure to display in my trophy case
And that just wont cut it anymore.
So for now-
I'll just head back up to the stars.
Perhaps I'll find you there too.
Erin Esterberg Aug 2019
Your lips resting on mine
And mine on yours
A moment filled with sugar and bliss
A moment that may be repeated many times
Yet it still brings a smile to my face over and over again
And nonetheless it's a moment I will never forget
Erin Esterberg Mar 2019
Today is tomorrow,
For now does not exist.
It passes way too quickly
For anyone to catch a hold of it,
So now is then,
And then is in the past.
Time passes too quietly;
Words are no longer sufficient
To appease the gods that control it.
They decide when time stops
And when it runs away.
Erin Esterberg Jan 2019
I fear my own heart will be the story of my demise.
I fear, because it has been hit by an arrow,
By some young Cupid that missed his target completely.
It was meant for someone else.

Now I’ve been struck with a curse of one-sided affection,
Caused by this off-center arrow,
Shot by some show-off
Trying to impress someone else.

My heart is cursed
From a spell of one-sided love,
If it could be called that.
So just go ahead, Cupid.
Shoot an arrow at my chest,
Just remember it is you who held the bow.
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