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Poetic T Jan 2020
While you were playing FIFA
I was scoring with you mum.
Could hear you through the wall,
as I came in her net, I'd home
goaled in her just for fun.

But it wasn't to disrespect you,
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
Your dad came home when you
were at collage, and I told him
shut the door and sit in the corner
               till I'd finished his wife off.

See he didn't shout or run his mouth
off, cos I knew who he'd been doing
behind her back,
                    none other than my mum.

Now my dads a good man and he loves
my mum, now I'm not making excuses
for her but your dad knew we were happy
and played the unloved man
                   that just needed love.

Well your dad thought she had morning
breath, but na, she's taken my length after
I off loaded in her ***.

But I stayed and watched as your pops  
kissed her passionately.
Dang that must have been a salty kiss
          breath like the sea with raw sewage
and a hint of peppered sweetcorn.

            Now this isn't about you,
this is about men should respect another's
mum, ok I didn't yours, but she knew
that I was a length and your dad was just
             a millimetre short stop.

And I always hit her spot, so god knows
what my mum
                      saw in this old punk.  

After that day, he never did any odd jobs
around my house, and I confided in my
mother that I knew and that I didn't want
anything, I wasn't telling dad. and she cried
and said it was only a kiss and only once.

But she hadn't instigated it, and she'd been
a little drunk. But I saw him ******* coming
out the bedroom sweating? Ye he'd been doing
some DIY, why what have you done.

Nothing Ma, I just told him he wasn't welcome
anymore, are you going around there's again?
Na mom, I'd played a game done to many home
goals, and they suddenly moved on.
   I'll miss my friend but I'll deffo miss his mom.
Erin Esterberg Aug 2019
I lost myself in you.
Your eyes, your words, your thoughts...
They all seem to leave me in a muzzy state.
You absorbed me.
My heart, my mind, my soul...
All of it is gone,
Buried deep within you.
I can't seem to find any of me,
And that is absolutely terrifying.
theodosia Nov 2018
forget it,
forget everything i've said,
even the poetry i wrote to you,
forget it.

you broke me.
sanch kay Apr 2016
if i were a poem,
i would wallpaper
the walls of your heart
with my words;
that way,
every time your heart beats,
you’ll hear me sigh;
i love you.
Anna Vigue Nov 2013
I am Strong
I am Vulnerable
I am Sure
I am Foolish
I am Smart
I make Poor Decisions
I am Filled with Energy
I am a Lazy Slob
I am Sure of Myself
I am Confused
I am a Leader
I am a Follower
I am Creative
I am Unoriginal
I am Optimistic
I Fear the Worst
I am Brave,
I am so Scared
I am Dark
I am the Light
I am Free,
I have been Captured
I am Short
But I am so Tall

— The End —