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Rose L Jun 2018
the slow encroach
stinging so, it broke the choke
and rough, coarse femininity once kept in check with wine and herbs
now slips away, and hurts.

Recalling is like
dreams of forests heaving milk and music,
an ancient memory whose dew pools in your mouth with distaste
and tulip'd sap leaks at sordid urge.
what we want is still at sea, so let the spray bite your face
taste the past in those ever-watching waters
and burn hair on the pyres for your grandaughters, and grandaughters' daughters.
Inspired by the women of ancient Greek mythology
Harry Roberts Jan 2018
Take me down deep
Lullaby me to sleep
In your arms and keep
When the tears of life weep.
       ~Take me in your arms
         Take me with your charms
         Hold me with your calm
         A world held in your palm
-Chanted like a psalm.-
Chances fly like birds
But truth can't capture words
And words can't ever be heard,
Silence becomes one with the herd.
       ~Silence can lull me to sleep
        In his arms true charms
        He can keep,
        Held in heaven
        In his bliss
We won't sever
Or ever miss
Our lips touch
Eternal Kiss.
Passion and love
Blue sky above
Rue dances lost
Cue chances frost
who me Dec 2017
Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
in perfect heart and perfect trust.
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill
An' harm ye none, do what ye will.

What ye put forth comes back to thee,
so ever mind the rule of three.
Follow this with mind and heart,
Merry ye meet and merry ye part.
storm siren Sep 2017
They call me.

Waving to me from the up-turned leaves
On the trees lining the street
Before a storm settles in.

They call me.

Humming softly after sunset,
Ushering in the blue of dusk.

They call me.

Whispering along the howling wind
That rustles the grass and bangs the shutters.

They call me.

Coming down on me like a firing squad
The rain pummeling into my back
As I desperately try to remember.
As I desperately try to forget.

They call me.

You were the one who warned us.
You were the one who taught us.
We were shown everything.
Told everything.
How to protect ourselves.
How to fight back.
What your weaknesses were,
Because you thought they were ours too.

You were wrong.

They call me.

You didn't realize who we were.
You didn't know what we were,
Or why.

We never meant any harm.
We didn't choose this.
We never got a choice.

To us, choice is nothing but a fairytale
That we've become too old to believe in.

They call me.

The songs of the Old Religion
Rumble towards me
Within the fog.

**"We are the granddaughters  of the witches you weren't able to burn."
sarah s Aug 2017
its almost that time
packing up my bags and changing the pace that life has
naturally chosen just
for me
i do not move with the wind
instead i create it
and hope that another soul
will someday
feel it
Harry Roberts Aug 2017
The Trees.
The roots,
They penetrate.

The Leaves
The branches,
To the Sky they reach.

Rooted in Gaia,
Interconnected throughout
The universe.

The Sun
The Rain
& Howling Winds.

I stand sturdy,
Seemingly ageless in
A human minds range.
A little poem
Alex Fontaine Jul 2017
I am the son of Thor.
The blood of Odysseus runs in my veins.
I breathe thunder.
My heart is the ocean.

Do you think I am the son of Cain
To trade my inheritance for your bowl of soup,
For your shiny things that vibrate and spin,
For your **** and violence,
For your ***** pills and swimsuit models?
I will close my eyes to your neon lights.
I will hold my breath against your sweet poison.
I will close my ears to your siren call.

I will dive below the cluttered surface of my consciousness.
I will seek in the darkness and find the spark of the sacred feminine
where she slumbers in the cold stone stillness,
Lightning will surge through my nerves
and I will explode into flame.

Your filth will rise from me like smoke,
Your carnal lies will fall away like ash,
I will smash your idols like twisted mirrors,
And you will remember god.
At what point does it become your job as a man to question the stereotypes that our actions support? Where do they come from? Who are they really serving?
Harry Roberts Jul 2017
I'm feeling the night,
The stars are shielded,
Behind blind like clouds.

Foxes covered in cloud like shrouds,
Barks muffled in mist
And lost to the wind.

The night and I, our tryst,
Our plight, without fear or fright.
We sing songs to the moon and rejoice in the light.

Sing songs of love - present and lost,
Bare the truth and shoulder the cost,
Live and let live (.) Live and let love (.) Live and let loss.

I am the night,
Stars shielded,
Behind blind like clouds.

I am the night,
Comfort of mystery
And threshold illusion.
Just a little poem I wrote :)
(.) micro pause
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