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cs May 2019
burning, burning,
sacred wood;
cleanse the air that lives around me.
with quartz, and sapphires and emeralds I pray,
please o' please,
keep me safe, keep me grounded.
  May 2019 cs
the bloom dawdles and yawns,

cracking a taste of purple

on my waterfat thigh.
cs Apr 2019
i'm ****** up
i am so ****** up

please come over and **** me,
i need to get ****** so i don't feel
****** up, even for just a second

so sick of this ******* feeling,
i wonder if i will ever be unfucked
cs Apr 2019
black leather gloves, black leather everything,
mystic, wonderful; dangerous.
psychedelic fantasy,
living free
on the road,
never in one place for long.

foreign sounding drugs,
swallow me whole, feed on me, love on me.
braid my hair,
hold me give me what i need then please,
leave, don't stick around.

i don't need anyone but myself
i don't need anyone.
i need drugs, i need life, to feel alive
give me danger or give me death
cs Apr 2019
the pale blue sky shines bright upon the riverbank where we lay,
soft are the noises that the melancholy birds sing.
the hot sun embraces me,
our weeping willow parasols flowing a top.
i'm under the burdensome hex known as love,
holy and high.
abyssal butterflies, let me feel you, let me know you,
my madness destroys any chance, it is a curse.
i wish i could give you roses, kiss you below the star's luster,
rest dear my tenderness,
for i do not know when we shall meet again.
cs Apr 2019
scarlet river flowing, chaotic , expressive
wild feminine.
her cheeks are flushed, and hot,
her eyes feel heavy, eyelashes dressed in kohl.
warmth everything is warmth,
candles, softness, sensuality and smoke.

she's from a different era
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