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alexandra Jan 2019
Dancing among witches.
Among fire and ashes.
Between demons who may have ravished souls.
****** the life out of thyself and made you mad.
Necromancy,is singing to ****** moons.
Old scripts still hidden under filthy cabinets.
The corpses are moving in perfect sync.
The cinematic atmosphere of the medieval times makes our stomachs turn black and sore.
You may be dancing among witches and warlocks and sorceresses but thou shall not forget how pure their souls are.
Shooting stars,blooded eyes and sharp tongues are the gifts  of tonight.
Enjoy this blowout before they eat you alive.
Before you become one of the dark ones.
alexandra Jan 2019
I am cursed.I don't know how much sorrow I can  take.Hold me until I'm gone,until I leave my last breath.
Our hands always entwined and never apart.Our hearts exposed and our palms travelling through our soft breathings.Feel the sensations we carry.
No,it's not arousal.If it was arousal then there wouldn't carry any sympathy or even pity.I'm begging for several nights.I'm on my knees and waiting for your sweet embrace.
Your touch makes my eyes water and my mind ready to explode from it's many conspirancies. Conspirancies about love.Conspiracies about the future.
Oh how beautiful the wonders you have made.How pure thee are.
Thus,I'm building up myself.I'm preparing myself in order to face you.Face that unexpected comfort of yours.Face the rehabilitation of our romance.
Oh how many generations have been wasted.How much love has been gone through the ages.Through the stages of love.
Thus I'm still begging and crying and mumbling sweet nothings.But my words are filled with air and they can't fix what's broken.
And in the end I'm still on my kness,staring at the nightsky,eyes wet,voice sore from screaming,hands ****** from  open wounds,and soul ready to fade from what is gone.

— The End —