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in my deepest
i found the
weight i carried
float away
from me
and now
i can finally
Mhiko Simon Feb 2021
The dark filled the night sky,
Then she was born on the first of July.
Filled the dark with her light,
singing a song, with all her might.

Nothing could be more poetic,
with her songs to all that is cosmic.
But, the fear of falling,
would make her feel blue.
So, she would step down,
calls herself New.

Yet, she keeps everyone hopeful,
with all the phases, from crescent to full.
Despite the fear of falling,
she still watches from the sky,

Avoiding oblivion, watching,
with each of her eyes.

When darkness fills the sky,
she, and her Moonlight will be your guide.
Singing you a song, accompanying you

through oblivion.
Lanna K Dec 2020
There is something so jovial In this December air. Theres a distinct, fiery, all-engulfing energy that I had immersed into today. Its like the power that Ive been tirelessly fighting deep inside me, bolted its chains, and its what I can only accept. My woes feel like a summer breeze, and not a piercing northeast gust that shakes every fibre in ones being. Im learning the difference between chaining a soul, and setting it free.
#NewMoon #TotalSolarEclipse #moon #sun #love
I love you,
You brought the light,
that showed the Way,
lies fall,
When you stand tall.
Scorpio New Moon
A healing space in time and place
Everyone is a star of the sky, a star of the earth and a star of the sea
Christ the Super Hero
Most famous Jew on Earth, a Shepherd for All, stands Tall.
Kindness, Humility, Love, Compassion, Mercy, Strength, Goodness.
Brings us back to the One True God.
Throne of Love , from King David to now.
Nalinee Sep 2020
Amazing moon
Different phases
Which one is the best
Any guesses
New moon hides and rest
Humbly shifting the limelight.
Crescent is shy to boast,
That's a beauty, of course.
Half tells truth,
Nothing is absolute.
Gibbous is fun and spark
Full of hopes even in dark
Full moon is admirable
Revealing all, including flaws.
Everything is beautiful in its own way!
jules May 2020
i sit in the bathtub
surrounded by
lit candle wicks
allowing tears to flow
feeling the comforting
cleansing of the water
wash over me gently
as i connect to my breath

the new moon
allows for manifestations
and new beginnings
so, i grab pen and paper
and jot down:

when i see myself in the mirror
i want to look deep within
and see the divine being i am
instead of
someone i wish not to be

i wish to cultivate
self-love, stillness
and harmony;
giving myself the space
to slow down and reconnect
while loving myself tenderly
for all that i am

i wish to spread
this love of self
unto others in my life
and to the collective
beings on the planet

in hopes that they too
will see the beauty
that is already within them

thanking the four elements:
earth, air, fire and water
for their guidance
and protection,

i step out of the bathtub
blow out the candles
dry myself off and
step out of the sacred space
releasing my intentions
into the wild.
San-Pei Lee Jul 2019
I'm not too different from
The moon and its phases
There are nights when
I don't want to do much
But stay darkened and unseen
Nights when I hang
With just a sliver of hope
And the clouds shift around me
Until I am half light, half darkness
A conflicted entity
And also nights of full splendor
Stirring musings in every dreamer

Would you still search for it in your night sky
A painted canvas similar to mine
With your heart unchanging
No matter the phase of the moon that evening
Would you continue to be the sun to its moon
Forever burning, knowing I will always revolve around you
Leo Janowick Apr 2019
This new moon
Different than the others.
Unleashing the wanderer
In me.

Looking for independence.
Yet, looking for someone
Who like me,
Has an enormous urge
To travel far and wide.

Curiosity for new cultures
And new experiences.
Taking me out
Of my comfort zone.

Expanding the relationships
I already enjoy.
And creating these experiences
That fall outside the box.
Elena Jan 2019
Love was a new moon
Darkness snarling blindly
Eternal life curse
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