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Leo Janowick Apr 6
This new moon
Different than the others.
Unleashing the wanderer
In me.

Looking for independence.
Yet, looking for someone
Who like me,
Has an enormous urge
To travel far and wide.

Curiosity for new cultures
And new experiences.
Taking me out
Of my comfort zone.

Expanding the relationships
I already enjoy.
And creating these experiences
That fall outside the box.
Elena Jan 22
Love was a new moon
Darkness snarling blindly
Eternal life curse
Cristina Quebral Nov 2018
new moon tonight
please hear my wishes
may my intentions fluorish

new moon tonight
i seal my wishes
may what is mine nourish
From this part of the world, it is the time of the month. It’s time to start everything again. New chance, new hope, the beginning.
refy Feb 2018
Footsteps echoing the jungle's mud;

Jumping and climbing in midnight's twilight

The creature longed for vermilion blood;

But all it found was a fanged sprite

The new moon descends upon the dark;

The white wolf sprints and splits the night

It stops to run and starts to bark;

To a yellow-eyed that breaks the light

The two fairy tales come to life;

Growling under celestial eclipse

Will either of them manage to survive;

To a century old apocalypse

The trees fall down, rivers run red;

The fight is fierce, it breaks the dawn

So it ends with a bloodshed;

As finally the two has long been gone
Ben Noah Suri May 2017
The darkness of the new moon
kindles the brightness within
for very, very soon
I shall be a shining.
The depression soon yields
to merry pastures and green fields
butterflies soon flutter
and verse does flow as I do utter
spring is here for the next fifteen days
but it never ever continuously stays
for the waxing moon will soon wane
leading me to write verses insane
but why really do bother
about what lies there yonder;
let me experience the here and now
this period of joy and love
for positivity is very much here
until the next bleak dark winter
so let me be happy, my love
let me be happy here and now
Across town, a train whistle sounds
and I drift away again.

Early morning sleep,
healing a delicate heart.

Several states over, my best friend
begins her day, so much
goodness given,
and always.

The challenge in this season
is to find the fullness
in emptiness.
The fullness of emptiness is a concept in the Vedic wisdom of life....
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Brycical Feb 2015
Let's boogie
in the electric synaptic light show club
called "Us."

Jackhammer legs quake the place
as everyone hums to the rhythms of their synchronized eyelids
and lungs pumping out golden dolphin breath.
Together copacetic drinks are raised and clinked
echoing like a hummingbird's wings shimmering in the afternoon sun,
Great Spirit, the bartender serves up a round on the house
of midnight snow owl whisky
for those ruminating Rumi and Hafiz's poetry,
the ones already beaming crystal quartz incandescence
from their heart and minds being present in the swaying
space that is the sacred spiral grouse dance.

Some peeps puff tree in the maui wowie mahogany lounge,
the prairie dog smoke carves the air
as these folks reflect and stare at their streams of consciousness
like a blue heron waiting for that third eye fish
for dinner.

The mirrors reveal our inner higher self children
of the moonrise kingdom building the iridescent
bridge to the rainbow road.    

When when it's last call
we shall tiptoe home like drunken mice
stumbling up the melting sphere clock
to rest upside down opossum comfortably
giggling giggling thunderous heyoka whispers
into each other's shoulders
until the aquarian dawn.
Kjp Jun 2014
When I want to be loved by somebody,
deep down inside of me,
myself wants to be loved by me.

Not the outside,
I find love inside of myself.
Haych Apr 2014
The lights of the day fades from blue back to black
and darker shades of silver grey*

Lately all my thoughts are all over the place
All just a mess
I want to pretend it never happened
Like you never left
But I wake up everyday and you're not here anymore
You're in another place
in another town
with other people
while I'm stuck her on my own
all alone
without you

how was I supposed to do?
all you've done?
be brave?
How would you think I'd be okay?
All I feel,
Is it's not real
And I'm ashamed.

Ashamed that I can't be what I thought I'd be.
I never thought it'd hurt like this

Time seems to have repeated itself again
I shouldn't have made the same mistake twice
Shouldn't have been selfish and held on so tight
Shouldn't have told you that you where my shining light
Shouldn't have thought that things could get better
Because they did

That's the thing,
It DID get better
and now...
it's all like it never did

Because I'm stuck in the middle
or worse still...left behind
confused and unable
to stand on my own two feet
this isn't who I was supposed to be
I was supposed to be stronger than this
I was supposed to better at this
Why can't I be like you?
I wasn't supposed to be this weak
But I am

And there are days
when I feel like I don't...
Don't  want to be better anymore
I can't be fixed
I'm not a car
There are no spare parts you can find
because I'll never run right.

then I hear your voice
and you say
'Who are you to say you're not okay?'
'You're only what you let think of yourself'
and if I let go,
How would I ever know?
All the endless possibilities?
Because you help me find the person I want to be!

I'm learning that
feelings are there
because they demand to be felt
So I wont shut them out
Like people shut me out
I'll be in little details
That people don't notice
But whoever notices me for me will know..
I wont pretend that things don't effect me when they do,
When I can feel every tiny thing.

I will learn to be brave..
I will find a middle ground
I will find a way...
Back to where I feel happy,
Back to the place that seems like a distant dream..
a place like home.
Inspired by NewMoon & Frozen & TFIOS

Sometimes it's not the place that makes a place 'home'..
Sometimes it's an object, a pet, a smell...
Sometimes it's a person..
My best friend always felt like home,
It wasn't a place,
It was a feeling I felt whenever she was close.
And now I feel like I'm wandering but that doesn't mean I'm lost...
That doesn't mean it's the end...
because every end is a just a new beginning :)

and no matter where she is..
she'll always be home to me.

— The End —