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Julie Nov 16
i wish you saw the beauty i see in you
you are like the ocean
full of mystery
and emotions that soar high
like tidal waves
yet your tranquility
can calm any storm
even the one within me
Julie Nov 15
two months spent
in the coldest of all winters
living in the wilderness
relying on flint and steel
to warm my bones
relying on strangers
to nourish my body
relying on mother earth's energy
to mend
what was left of my broken soul

two years spent
in treatment
recovering from
the abuse
the heartbreak
the trauma
the self-destruction

never once did i believe
that i would still be alive at twenty-one
but i recovered
i prevailed
i am a survivor
Julie Nov 15
i miss the taste of your lips
your sweet tender kiss
warm hand on my wrist
the other balled in a fist

scream at me more darling
you know how i love the abuse
twist my arm some more
call me a stupid *****
is this what love looks like?

it's all i know
part of me didn't want you to go
now i'm all alone
and i want to go home
Julie Nov 15
there is a deep sea
of sorrow, anger and grief
buried within me
lately it keeps spilling out
like crashing waves
filling my lungs
crushing my chest
suffocating me with its intensity
i'm drowning in the memories
of my past
of the ones i've loved and lost
part of me wants to experience it again;
part of me wants to forget any of it ever happened

maybe if i went back in time
i could fix whatever went wrong..
but maybe things were meant to go wrong
if they didn't
would i still be the person i am today?
if i'm being honest with myself,
i wouldn't have learned anything
i wouldn't have grown
maybe this is the path i was meant to go down
it all happened for a reason
Julie Nov 15
lovesick thoughts
plague my mind
i can't rid myself of you

i still remember our first kiss:
you apologized before pulling me close
and pressed our lonely lips together

i remember how it felt
like a thousand fireworks
lighting up the sky with its perfect impermanence
my heart aches to experience it again

our hearts were
so broken
and so lost
but after that first kiss
we mended them together
maybe that's why it hurt so much when you left
Julie Sep 15
i am not sure how long this will last
and i am afraid
for i have been beaten and bruised
by so many lovers
but you my darling,
you are worth it

i love you
for all that you are
the madness
the chaos
in your soul
all your flaws
they are beautiful to me

i will wait for you
i will stand by you
i will be there
as you heal
as you grow
as you begin to love yourself
i will be with you
every step of the way
Julie Sep 12
beautiful things are created when people turn their pain into art
you are a beautiful thing
full of sadness and hurt
but i see through
to the white light hidden beneath
there is an angel hidden inside of you
concealed by a mask
cloaked in dark fog
but i see the beauty inside
i want to reach deep within and pull him out
but this is your journey
and he will appear when the time is right
so for now
i will wait by your side
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