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Zywa Jul 2019
I had the most marbles
kept them in a bucket in the attic
Whoppers in all metallic colours
and rare marble ones
Nobody liked to lose from me
so I just played alone

A classmate had an ivory marble
but ivory is forbidden, and I obey
the rules, that's the best game

People have no idea
how it works and what they waste
They say that I'm parsimonious
even with the foreign cents
which I cannot spend, the truth
is I work hard

and lead a sober life, the good example
that would benefit them more
than the inflation of a luxury life
Collection “Mosaic virus”
I still think in-sync with the ceremonial intro.
Even though its reduced to unclaimed brick,
I visit naughty corridors and assembly halls
decorated in sports equipment.

After showing off my award,
I ***** out candles
and bolt that horse to a new port village
where clubs buried in earth
begin to dent
my naivity.

But tweed remained fashion.
A collage of uniform, green fields and tennis courts
resembled my life in the trench.
Words like 'posh' and 'snob' were the only examples of difference

until I became a witness.
Discovered homelessness
meant vagrants. They
became as common as a boxed sandwich.

Everybody has their own intoxication of choice.
Bargain of choice, newspaper
of choice, where Brookside
is a crossword answer
filled whilst feeding mallards
white bread in the park.

Writing that
makes me the biggest hypocrite of all.
I grew fond of plays. Began to write poetry.
What would they think of me?
A **** football match where the ref cost us the game
still pumps through my veins,

I assure thee.
That left ventricle breathes here too.
War has never been declared
but the battles have existed since
before Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

It's estate versus estate.
As much as I'm up for a fight,
history won't change overnight -
especially in an election,
selfie posted
or status shared
with a handful of friends
who actually voted.

Living in the middle of Common-
wealth is a lonely place.
But there will be a hotel monopoly of vacancies
built on my mediocre grave
if I acknowledge the better
or lesser sort
themselves. After all,
I ate processed chicken breast
and ignored politics myself.

Perhaps now,
it's time
to act like the squirrel.
Barks become growls, become
quacks, become
the fool
Poem #30 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. The closing poem tries to explain the class division theme of the collection and how I can move forward.
My theory was written on the other side of town.
Eyes that had only watched the world through
a single pane of glass, found reflections all round.
Where I used to see grey, crisp formations of cloud.
Even in the house, blocks of door painted one colour
were replaced with dreamlike figures cutting cake.

Anyway, yesterday a man wearing a Union Jack
flag on his waist and sleeve told me his worries.
Five or six cars parked, eight or nine bedrooms
lying cold and lonely while in the south of France.
To lose count of the windows in one's life, I thought,
as he asked me about the proletariat. Luxury indeed.
Poem #16 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. Inspired by a conversation I had with a neighbour.
We act as stewards only
Of the things we think we “own”
So let’s not get so prideful
And think we “made it” all alone

Our skills and talents also
Come unbidden as a gift
So let’s not be self-serving
But reach out to help and lift

Enjoy and use the good things
All the blessings of this earth
We are just the stewards
Of what we’ve gained since birth

An attitude that sets us free
And flow with more prosperity
Stewardship helps us to see
The riches of all eternity
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Your outlook and perspective will change when you consider yourself a steward of everything you use. You'll make better decisions. You'll be happier.

Feel more freedom in your life as you enjoy using the tools, abilities, and things you've been blessed with. This earth is filled with abundance.
Every thought I sow
Continues to grow
And the end result
Seems simple to know

Every thought in mind
Produces in kind
I can clearly see
The divine design

An apple’s small seed
Grows apples indeed
And thoughts of one “type”
To more they will lead

A seed, like a thought
Is tiny, but not
With faith, both are sought

I’ll think just the best
And bypass the rest
By divine design
I will remain blessed
This is Prosperity Poem 91 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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Seeds amaze me!  I love gardening and growing all types of plant and trees.  Right now I'm saving peach pits from all of the peaches we are eating from our yard.  Each pit contains literal instructions on how to build a peach tree and ripe peaches using just water, sunlight, and soil.  Our thoughts are seeds also and they produce after their "kind".  My peach pits won't grow apples - that's just contrary to Divine Design.

We can use this understanding of seeds, thoughts, and Divine Design to increase our manifesting skills.  Learning how to create with your mind is an important part of why YOU are here on earth at this time.
Dereaux Sep 11
Money is no problem,.
we don't have it anyway.
Our life is our wealth.
Graff1980 Aug 26
They beat the candy blues
into her thoughts,
as she sought
and bought
the sugary sweet,
multicolored gum drops
which were used
to subdue
her hunger pains,
but did nothing to
nourish healthy views
of living.

They trained her
to comply
to an almighty on high
father figure,
white bearded guy.

Whilst televangelist
hateful ****
requesting those
who were suffering
in poverty
to send them
the money they needed
to maintain their greed.

They were teaching her
that the measure
you need to reach
to say you succeeded,
is a measuring stick
that tends to extend
beyond previous

But she bought
the glittering jewels,
sought to capture
her fantasy alpha male fool,
and achieve
the American dream
in which she believed.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 22
Marie Antionette
preferred pie over cake,
and briefs over thongs.

A fervour for fashion,
But not a fan of
The Flour War,
nor her ghastly wrongs.

Poufs and panache?
Imprimatur, for sure.
"That's entertainment,"
said the brochure.

Affair of
the diamond necklace,
such a coup.

A material girl,
how about you?

Now remember,
how comely the rose
when she was so rich and red.

But also the onus
to how she lost
her pretty little head.
Graceful, flowing
Yielding, bending

Growth and movement never ending

Moments living
Joy surpassing

Rhythms, seasons, everlasting

Mind awaking
Harvest taking

Every day a memory making

Good creating
My truth stating

My wealth flows without abating
This is Prosperity Poem 88 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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My wife Kim and I were talking with our son Aaron the other night.  He said that over the last eight years, his Mom and I have become more like each other.  I asked whether she has become more like me, or I've become more like her.  He replied that I have become more like her.  This is good.

I've learned to flow more, and to bend more.  Prosperity Poem 88 - Never Ending - explores this idea of being more bending and yielding, rather than rigid and fixed.  Acting and thinking in a more dance-like way has brought me more happiness, increased wealth, and better relationships.
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