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GaryFairy Jul 2022
I told them that I am a Jew.
They beat me up anyhow. May the wrath of God be upon them.
When the preacher said that the Jews were God's children, I jumped up and said "I'm a Jew"
I stand behind that, but not in the way that Jesus did. I choose water because water is one thing you need to grow grapes.
This stuff is in no way putting down Jewish people, Jesus, or spirituality.
I feel like there is something more powerful for sure. I just don't know about whether it matters if I believe in a god that goes along with rituals and teachings that I don't understand. I don't know. I would think that God wouldn't care about me making a joke. I went to church and Sunday school...Christian tent revivals, and vacation Bible school at a young age. Messed my **** up!
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Life imitates art... and electronics?

Everything depends on the plus and the minus. The positive and the negative. Including heaven and hell. Don't get it wrong either. Being positive isn't saying "let it go, it will be fine" it is saying "no, it has to be this way"! It is thought to be cruel to tell someone they are doing something wrong. But is it cruel for a cop to harass someone who is cooking burgers outside? I don't really think so, but it is WRONG. You stand in that negativity protected by a union of black wires, Blue wires. I am the positive red wire that they try to call negative. I choose to be the white, neutral wire, but they say ******* is wrong, and make it a race issue. I scream, "*******"! They say no, so I go back to being the red wire. They say that is wrong, but I still choose my own power. So, are you the red or the blue? We depend on each other, even with opposing polarity. You can't be red, white and is impossible.

(electronics have a red and a black wire for positive and negative. It used to be a red and a blue wire...and a white wire that is represented by an N.)
GaryFairy Apr 2022
Please help me spread the word. This polar shift is really about to get bad. Human kind may not survive. The wobbling,  earthquakes, meteors and flooding is going to be so violent that it might split this earth. The ice shelf is already falling into warmer water and layers of our atmosphere are gone. There will be so many tornadoes and lightning storms that you won't survive in a home or building. If you want to survive, you better go under ground, in higher elevations of hills and mountains. The oceans will flood the USA 200 miles into land. There will be a billion dead bodies floating and on land. This will be getting bad around February 4th or so, when planet 9 makes an appearance beside the sun. The push and pull will make this planet wobble so bad, that there will be waves 50 feet high in places 200 miles from shore. Rivers will rise to three times higher flood levels than their highest flood levels ever. Wild animals will be attacking people. Look at the clouds near you and they have a purple tint. That's energy and gases that will turn to fire, possibly. the innocent ones.  There will be no water for to drink, and not much food. It is like the US government is not going to help, and will probably be killing. This whole storm will last thousands of years. This is not a joke. I have worked with energy fields since I was a kid, and was amazed by magnets and electricity and I used to help my step father work on tube radios and televisions. I also used to manipulate a giant satellite dish and I would watch NASA stuff up in Ohio, in the 80s. I watched polar shifts happen and it can turn a planet into a gas planet, and possibly a black hole. I have no doubt that it will happen, and it is speeding up now. The pole shift is slow at first, then it speeds up. Then the planet will abruptly stop. I don't even know what advice to give, because no one will have control besides the rich and the violent. We won't even see the same, as our eyes will be switched to different frequency. This is going to be pure terror. I hope that you survive. I don't like poetry reading, but I know that some of you are a lot like me. We feel things differently. I will post some links to some videos that will tell the safest places. The guy really seems like he knows what he is talking about, and he knows more than I do. Please, shelter the innocent from the death and mayhem.
I am so sick of pretending to care.
I’m so sick of taking this ****.
we seem to wish that someone would care,
but I’ll drop you for changing your hair.

I have grown sick of all politics.
Differing opinions, your all hypocrites.
I'm simply sick of cynical ******.
The way they love to polish their *****.

I hear what you say, “look in the mirror”,
That’s why I tend to chug my beer.
We all live in fear of all of our fears,
Brought on by distrust of all of our peers.

We laugh, we sneer,
We point, we cheer.
Then freak out to find that fingers point near.

I am so sick of living fear.
I am so sick if chugging my beer.
We seem to crave the fear we fear,
but hide in our safe space till everything’s clear.

I have grown sick of pretending to smile
Profit for virtue, is it all worth our while?
I’m simply sick of modern day style.
The way we stand in single file.

I hear what you say, “look in the mirror.”
It’s my reflection that I tend to fear.
I cannot face the way that I sneer.
I cannot face the way that I cheer.

I laugh, I sigh
I point, I cry
Then freak out to find pointing at me.
Maziar Ghaderi Feb 2019
I don't think people realize how fragile it all is
how it just falls apart when you're looking out of the window at something else
at first you don't realize because it happens bit by bit
you'll get used to it

the culture war looms
it pulls out your skirt on fridays
take me out please
take me where the boys are
you know you want to
it tugs at your sleeves saying
oh you didn't hear what they said about you?
flag wars they sing

truth is a preference
it's true if it feels right
if it doesn't well
it's fake news of course

oh you didn't know non-player character
will you play to win?
because feelings don't care about your facts

you see I was born in 83
in the newly formed islamic republic of iran
three years into the trench warfare that changed the psyche of a nation forever
high on the islamic revolution
full of fury
blood and soil
blood and soil
the hors d'oeuvres of the war
we fled in 88 three months before the war ended
nothing gained nothing fulfilled

I see the absolute worst in people
I watch them and learn much from what they get outraged by and what they don't
it all starts small rooted in a search for meaning a sense of purpose
once this is defined just watch them turn on each other
the other essentially

war needs a dragon
war needs young men to believe
the culture war has always been there
like a monster’s nails casting an ominous shadow
behind the bedroom door tapping away at your mother's vinyl flooring

when people get safe
with fear at bay the tapping dims
but when an immigrant stabs an infidel
or a black man is apparently murdered on video
the tapping gets louder
what is the dream of the foreigner hoping to penetrate the walls of the golden city
to weaken it?
from the russian bot to the isis video slicing brody's neck right before your eyes
it gets at you doesn't it?
doesn't he look like you?
your white knuckles are shaking
yes yes the monster says
I will draw you in

because I'm just a monster living in the hallway
and I'm nothing without you
is what he'll never ever tell you

but it's true
he aims to exaggerate the divisions within your family
to exploit it
to challenge your identity
to play with your emotions
as you've done to them
so you know this game very well
you just don't know the side of the table that will
as in the iran-iraq war both the us and the uk sold arms to both sides
the great game

War is profitable and the opportunity to cash in on it is tempting
people don't have ideas
ideas have people
how fragile at all is

this very society that I cherish that I sought refuge in
my family
the vast base
the stable economy
common law
if life started in the east
then the reason to be of the west is to carry on the torch
to learn from past mistakes and to be a light unto the world
until our very toes are inching at the pacific with no further to go
will I find myself staring at the window pondering what happened
like so many countless men throughout history have?

how fragile at all this
we won't know until it's taken from us
not by the formless foreigner but by our own very hand that opens the bedroom door
to experience our darkest insides that grows and grows endlessly
until we have nothing else
the monster in the bed now
in all that cold
and all that dark
Dw1234 May 2018
Beauty, all of its forms
Holds in her hands
Nurturing insignificance
Holds our every breath

Live by order
Die by design
Thoughts are control
Feeling, the result

We give to receive
We see to be seen
We die to live
We live to die

Old as time
Desire innate
Behind perspective
It’s all here

Breaking the ties
These laws that adhere
Unequalized and raw
Of unpolarized origin

Can’t perceive
what we aren’t
Once we do
Hello Beauty
ConnectHook Aug 2017
The new ruse: presidential psychosis
an impartial and swift diagnosis
as you trump-up the charge
but the sign is writ large:
twenty-twenty TRUMP/PENCE the prognosis.

Corrupt psychiatric inspection
serves to further a facile detection:
presidential unfitness.
(But God is our witness;
you're mad 'cause you lost the election.)

As you slander the president's sanity
you exhibit your own inhumanity.
I would urge all you losers
and lying accusers
to listen to Savage and Hannity.

In your desperate drive to impeach
you would grasp what is out of your reach.
The infernal machine
steered by crazy Maxine
makes a nasty mechanical screech.

The Democrat narrative flounders
while our nation's own hateful confounders
promote red revolution
mob-rule as solution
insulting the faith of the Founders.

Though the state-sponsored media lie,
our beleaguered republic must try
to transcend inhumanity;
quell the insanity.
(Both wings are needed to fly.)
Light-hearted limericks for happy campers in the United **** States of Amerikkka ☺
Don Bouchard Mar 2017
"**** the torpedoes!
Full Speed AHEAD!"
So it is we lose our heads
And trust the masses
Whose rabble rise
To stick their fingers
In our eyes.

Freire told us true:
Dialogue must happen;
Time must be taken
To speak Truth,
To hear Truth,
To see Humanity
In the Other.

If not,
Violences ensue,
Blood spills,
The hordes topple
In toppling their oppressors...
Become oppressors.

Small voices
"Imago Dei!"
"Imago Dei!"

Stop to listen,
Stop to see,
Stop to think.

We and They,
They and We,
Are We....

Are WE.
Where are we going? Where we have been? Buffalo Springfield: "For What It's Worth"
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