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Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020
Recklessness for them is an enterprise
They lack discrimination
It's no surprise
Money weighs heavily on their minds
Hypocrite as they are
Billionaire self styled
Their wisdom is a parody
They are critical of   everybody
Recklessness for them is an enterprise
Isaac Spencer Mar 2020
Now, I've been broke since before money existed-
If I ever made it big I'd probably resist it,
And I'm still ****** that I'm just another misfit,
Taking shot after shot even if I'll miss it,

Yeah, I've been high and I've seen the tar pits,
Been so **** ****** up nobody coulda' assisted,
And I got back up so I guess the gist is-
Taking too many shots is my kind of base hit,

And I've been dead since before Death enlisted,
Never get a 1-up cause the church is twisted,
If I had one wish, I'd add billionaires to my hit list,
Taking shots at the top till they sop and eat ****.
Starry Aug 2019
As I fly in
My private jet
I sea as we climb allitude
The clouds rolling
Over the mountains
As the sun rises
What a wonder full
meGaThOr Mar 2018
Billionaire: I were

                    been Corollary,
                       at the party,
                                and petition,
                                where populism,
                            there is no discussion,
                                   and abolished
                   ­                   and the average,
                                       the epicurean scenes,
                ­                          beloved my testamentary,
                                               and I partisan,
                                                  and                            raw balance of my profits,
                                                 and       my diploma,
                                                        ­ my university triumphs,
                                                       ­       I am the planetary star,
                                                           ­    skin and clothing
                   ­                                                      Legionnaire­
there is an American billionaire
who looks quite flamboyant and debonnaire
he was leading the race
for Republicans’ ace
and ******* his competitors everywhere
Re-discovered that one ....

— The End —