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Perhaps You Apr 17
I often waste
Too many breaths
On the run
of a sentence
Just to fill the
empty spaces.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
You write
Your thoughts
To unleash

For I, understand
The empty space
In between the lines
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Unveiled truth
usagi May 2018
I fight the sadness away
and tell myself I'm alright
despite the many books I read, the lectures I attend,
the places I travel, the people I meet
I can't fill in the gaps your absence has left
and all I can tell myself is that it is all for the greater good.
But often I cannot find comfort in this thought
I cannot ease my mind
because parts of me still cannot concede
you do not feel like something I want anymore,
rather something I need

that is what is most alarming.
afteryourimbaud Jul 2017
Nothing has
taken place
in this empty
cold and dark
remote room
it has been
and always will be

I can hear the
on the table
the hard slamming
of the door
the shouting
of an ecstasy rage
from the outside
but still in here
in my little, cramped
secluded room
it is just silence.

There is nothing
for me
to command
in this
empty space
a wise, old
drunk man
once said
'don't try'
and somehow
it turns out
to be true
that everything
is here
not to be tried
and for all the
emptiness in it
there is nothing
for me
to command
in this
empty space.

There is nothing
for me
to wander around
in this empty space
there is no
road, street
or alley
for me to go
back and forth
but there is
always this
static presence
of feeling
of nature
of instinct
that has been
squashing me
sitting on me
telling me
to run and jump
frantically, wildly
just to see that
it bores nothing
and there is nothing
for me
to wander around
in this
empty space.

This empty space
can't be filled
this empty space
can't be replaced
this empty space
can't be changed
this empty space
has always been
and it will
always be.

— The End —