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Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
On that forlorn and barren pathway
He was kneeling down with a weary face of variegated emotions,
which was unknown.
His eyes were glued on that person who was trudging away from him.
He looked and looked, till his eyes became as sour as his heart.
Wishing she will look back once.
But, by then the darkness engulfed the luminous light like his dazzle of life fading away,
as she goes away..
Walking away.....🚶🏻
Nix W Apr 2020
When your up late at night because you think someone has let you down,
when all you ever did was drive them to their limits,
asking for a reaction but never believing that they'd actually commit.

When your up late at night,
thoughts sinking deeper in,
of how a lonely night feels like a thousand when your apart.
From someone you've spent almost every minute with and slept with so that their scent, their breath and their sounds become your own.
Now without those things, you aren't completely here, in the present, you don't know where you are,
your lost.
But you could never admit that, no, you want to inflict the same amount of tortuous pain that you had to go through just to gain some sickening satisfaction , but... it never lasts.
You eventually succumb to the emotional strings that pull you to your other half,
the half that you can't stand!
but the half that you can't live without.
I love you, please come back.
Bullet Apr 2020
Pushing limits walking away
Why wait when I could act
Misplace passive aggression
With a pistol and a guilty conscious
(AIM) reaches are not running
When space bars cage an existence
Pulling words from these characters
Shooting messages flips to shaders through the windows
Online presents will determine you’re future income
Pass the aggression into a sight with an eye at pin point
Withdrawing (ATM), coloring red as the floor
Checking the walls as pink matter
Saving the mixes for the pallets on set
Depositing later all the info I need to  evade
Panic attacks walking
Bullets wait for running
I’ll find joy in drowning in my own painting
() double word meaning
Ally Aug 2019
You ***** your
... words
oh, the deafening
sound of
absolute bliss
Nyx Oct 2018
The moment I turned
and walked away
I felt my heart break a little
He didn't chase

Slowly taking steps
Without looking back
I couldn't hear his footsteps
But I couldn't backtrack

I felt my feet getting heavy
dragging them along
Desperately wanting to run
Back to where I belong

Within his arms safely
Standing side by side
Contently drifting along
As gentle waves by the seaside

The happiest they've ever seen me
Most carefree I've ever been
I was completely in love
A world consisting of just me and him

Though a raging river stood
Between our hearts
And in the end I was
The one left behind in the dark

As I raised my head high
Marching along to a beat
I've learnt to smile yet again
At last I can feel complete

Time has passed over
And not once did he chase
But the moment he did
It was already to late

I grew tired of running
Trailing after him
Was it really to much effort
To try and run after me too?

When I got up
Letting go of his hand
he didn't try to stop me
I guess this was where he stands

I knew then
He doesn't love me
And he never will

We have reached our limits
He no longer needs me
I've given all that I can give
So no matter what happens now

I'm not turning back

If you spend all your time running after somebody else
And the moment you stop chasing them and turn to walk away
If they don't chase or even try to stop you
then they aren't worth it
You deserve so much more then that
دema flutter Sep 2018
I look at you,
and wish that I could feel like I need you,
but I don't,
and that hurts because
it's never easy to walk away
from someone you're supposed to love.
Kay Sep 2018
The sun has set
The birds have stopped singing
The wind whispers for me to go home now
This field is no longer for two
The ground has hardened beneath me
and you’re no longer enjoying the view
Our path is covered in weeds
Where the flowers use to be
No more purple and pink to dress our feet
Only black and blue remain
For they have left a stain
I follow our foot prints back to the road
For now it’s time to take the long way home
Only this time I’ll be doing it alone…

- K.B.
adeline Jun 2017

Each night she will hide inside
while blankly staring at the ceiling
a fake smile will paint on her face
and there flashbacks will start to appear
mixed emotions inside her
the feeling of being unwanted
will slowly destroy her heart again


Without even knowing tears will fall
trying to wipe it with a piece of cloth
yet it won't stop till she fall asleep
her sobs are becoming louder each night
trying to cover her mouth so one will know
that she's in pain and just pretending to be happy


Bucket of tears day by day
caused by the unknown pain
of loving unconditionally
yet got nothing in return but
pain, sorrow, despair and hatred
bucket of tears is what you gave to her
instead of embracing her onto your arms


To leave is all what she wanted
yet there's no more escape
she's inside a jar of memories
that you made together
but she's now left alone hanging
and only looking back at those
while you walked away
without even saying your final goodbye
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