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“So, what’s the case?”
‏                    “Regret, stupid ******* regret.”
“Anger talked in your place?”
                     “Including hate and more hate after being set.”

Finally deciding to show that I am not ok.
Uncovering what I was so good at hiding.
Expressing in the wrong way,
Always had me ended up crying.

I had to say what I was supposed to hear.
The unbearable was mine to bear.
There is nothing between the truth and the lies but thin lines.

Hate ran through my vines,
One that I wasn’t capable of holding.
One thing was for sure; I was terribly hurting.

No one is every the villain of their own story.
Nevertheless I was the villain in mine.
By the time my tears were wiped in the lobby.
I had built an impossible wall to climb.
We all build walls around our broken hearts, although we sometimes wish someone will care enough to brake us out.
Sarah Elaine Jun 11
Each so beautifully different,
Strong and seemingly unbreakable,
Yet overwhelmingly fragile.

Lay a foundation,
Jagged, unmatched and rough.
Does it fit?

Continue to build,
Each layer grows stronger,
More impenetrable.

A whirlwind topples a few stones.

New reinforcement.
Stronger, and with more determination.
Need to protect.

A wave of you crashes down and threatens stability.

Work harder, work faster.
Salvage the progress,
And continue to add.

Meanwhile -


attempts to chisel away.

Some make dents,
Some holes,
Some take down sections.

But the hard work perseveres.
And the wall remains.
Nylee May 28
All the five hundred drafts and counting
I am so bad at finishing
Each line lyric rhyme
Hoping for a masterpiece
Or a mirror to my mind
Nothing is certain till it ends
And it twists all the thought.

A surprise for few lines
An emotion to hide
Many people to confide
Some memories to write
A few to ignite
Each word to choose
and another to bind.

Inert satisfaction
a final completion
First to last transition
Inking blues
And curves in precision
An unknown outcome
Likesome to troublesome
to be posted on a wall
Poetic T May 25
Collect the bones of the poor,
     And let there bones build
the walls to keep out
           the retches,
                   the undesirables,
                                 the different.

And then realise that the wall
                contains you.

For we are all poor in different aspects,
                  be it dignity,
                            be it humility.

Be it the virtues that make us who we are.

We should never look at another as divergent,
                 for we are all apitamy of
                             our own diluted reflections.

Everyone is insolvent in the walls we create,

                        We just have to learn never to build them
in the beginning,
                           and realise we all take the same footsteps.

 No one walks differently from another in life journey.
arian May 17
i'm sorry but i'm building this wall around me,
so, the monsters can't get you, too.
you'll be safe.
mjad May 2
I've rebuilt walls so high
that the conversation scares me
why would he desire me
after years of not speaking
every opened message
is a bomb detonating
destroying the walls
of my brand new building
Hunter Green May 1
I’m slipping, I’m falling,
On my way down I see you threatening my standing.
I don’t know why I put up my defenses,
Like I’m at risk of losing my pretenses.
I can’t celebrate, a stone wall rises before I can appreciate.
I punch the brick to distract my mind.
So I can’t think about the intricate truth.
My hands go numb while handling what I find,
But my mind won’t let you go when my failures are proof.
the heart becomes hollow
you know
the rain will go
down , do
to plant love's wall
people show
the love arrows throw
needs hero
love needs go heart, faith and believe
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