My recent reluctance plays on repeat
My shaken hands radiate with heat
I choke on my words
Throat thick with lies
I swallow them down
Gagging on my pride
Regret in my chest
I attempt to catch my breath
Praying for solace
My head to the ground
I'm stuck in this moment
I don't want to be found
When your feeling guilty.


I do not seek out a brighter day
A wish of happiness, no more
Vaulted hope; Cracked safe opened and released
Laughter and cheer walked out the door

Position every window blind shut
Draw the shades so none shall see
Must keep sunshine’s heavenly rays locked out
And preserve this perfect misery


Written: March 16, 2018

All Rights Reserved
Village witch wallows in the sun.
- Would roll in the mud and dance, if not for her reputation. She settles for soft chanting.
Village witch watches her garden.
- The fields around her house are filled with yellow flowers. she sings to help them grow.
Village witch waits for her daughter to come home.
- She left for the city years ago. Said she was going to grow, be more than a mere village witch.
Village witch wills herself to smile.
- The sun is bright and warm. The flowers are lively and lovely. Her daughter is growing and singing some other place alive.
the concept is that people can send me three words and I'll try to write a poem with them
Zero Nine Jun 2017
Get the sudden feeling that I
I'd be as at home in earth as on
Because I get home to no messages
Which means no one knows me and the
ones who know me must barely care
I get the sudden feeling that half
the reason I have for living
ultimately isn't there
as potentially conscious beings,
do incur such fantastic Purgatory
and yet we seem
indeed so very keen
to choose to wallow in
vain and irksome squalor-
a comfortable yet blind stupor
when it comes to
the very real causality
wrought of our intention:

yes, you read right:
i said "potentially conscious."
The never ending fall, long drop from the top makes me feel 3 feet small. It will be okay it's for the best, fake smile try to do your best. But what if my best isn't good enough, what if my best doesn't even add up. Failure is a hard pill to swallow, iron taste double shot of self hate. it's your choice to self hate get down on yourself and wallow, or pick yourself up, dust yourself off Self love will follow.
When you fall down GET BACK UP!!
Frank Ruland Jan 2015

I'm breaking my fucking back!
If it's blood you want,
just strap me to rack!


This situation is the culmination
of all the filth, shit,
and my own damnation!


I love teetering on the verge,
but why don't you give me a shove?!
Maybe it'll numb my nerves!


Yeah, day in and day out,
I feel the shit invade my soul,
and I take the hard, painful route!


With every step I grow!
Walking on coals all day
fuels the fire in my soul!


Take a deep breath as my guilt
takes me to another place
that burns away my filth!


Oh, how I fucking wallow
in all my guilt and shame!
How it seems to stay so far from shallow!


This Hell of a hole is an epitome
of every ounce of guilt,
and all the shit in me!


For my sin, I shall wallow within
a pit of my atrociousness,
if only to make you grin!
Bold letters are lyrics from DevilDriver's "Knee Deep." I wouldn't advise listening to it unless you're in really heavy metal. Thanks
terra nova Dec 2014
if i were to turn and say
hey dude i fucking hate you, kay?
(well no, of course it isn't true-)
but what d'you reckon you would do?
i'm only wondering because
you act like it'd be no loss
and insecurely, i don't know-
because you sometimes seem as though
either you think i'll never leave
or just don't care what i believe?
i'd like to say i have a line
but no, i'll just sit here and whine
while you sit there, knowing quite well
that i would never ever tell
you that i'm giving up, you see
i think that this means more to me
than you, perhaps, and shit that stings
especially recently, when things
have led your life away from mine
i know it's not your fault; it's fine-
except it's not, because i never
thought that i would have to weather
all my ugly parts alone,
you used to be just down the phone.
i never used to hide from you
and now it seems you want me to-
but i've spent years with my gun down
it's hard to pick it off the ground.

*-maybe i'll close my eyes instead
and un-remember what you said.
Just Melz Nov 2014
Think positive

                   Have you learned nothing about      

Have you learned nothing of me?


Fire with fire... Questions with questions

                     Smoke with ashes, I'll smother
                       you -.-

After nine lashes, you've nothing better to do?

                      Before your funeral, you've got
                      nothing better to say?

Inhibitions compensated, though so futile. Bury yourself beneath your yesterdays.

                      Trial and error, yet so naive.
                       Through your mistakes and
                       heartaches, you still

Smiling through tears, and tearing through smiles? What do you fear--everything prior, or just one more trial?

                       Been crying through the pain
                        for far too long. I fear...
                       Simply everything, to avoid
                      the hurt, why is that so wrong?

Not wrong, but you hold doubt where hope belongs. Don't wallow in the dirt, or hold on to this morning's dawn.

                       But where I should see hope,
                       there's only despair. I'm not
                       wallowing, simply realistic. It's
                       really not fair, to assume I'm
                       being over dramatic.

Learn to cope when people are unfair. Try hallowing what you know's simplistic. There's much in the air, besides the cruelness of fanatics.

                          But the evil is overwhelming,
                           it truly surrounds me, in my
                          mind and my heart.
                          Sometimes, I can't help but
                         fall apart...

When the Devil is swelling, his doings unruly, and it all mounts on you, know there is kindness. Just part with the bad times and take the goodness to heart.
Just a typical conversation between me and Frank. :)
Thought we'd share.
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