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Valbona Oct 2020
They can give you what you want
Flesh pleasures for days
But never what you really need
A home full of loving ways

Looking back on us
I’ll choose when to leave you
Let me just soak in this pain
And with time I’ll make do
David Ugwu May 2020
The crazy things we did
The late nights we had
The days we shared
And the things we had
So real it was, it sparkled
So out of the world it seemed
And just like the movies looked
A reminiscence of the past
A reminder of what is
And a vision of what shall remain
To the special people who make us cherish the past and make us dream of what would be.
Ash B Crowley Mar 2020
don’t say sorry, I want to tell her

do what you like, I would say to her

you’re perfect, I'd confess to her

take all the time you want and never feel bad about it, never apologize for the way you exist, especially the way you do it, which is so breathtaking I feel I might fall through the floor because I am standing on clouds

is what I wish I could say to her

watching you adore the world is stunning enough for me to spend my whole life doing it
I could gaze at you gazing forever and never be satisfied that I had seen enough
don't regret all the seconds you spent simply looking, listening, and breathing in all the beauty you could find
I do the same, and it is the reason I look at you so often
maXiminima Feb 2020
Mga salitang di kayang bitawan,
Sa mga labi ito'y mahirap mailarawan,
Kabog ng dibdib ang nangingibaw,
Sa sarili na puno ng alinlangan.

Sa bawat saknong ng tula,
Damdamin ay nailathala,
Mga salitang hirap bigkasin,
Sa taludtod ng tula nalang maihain.

Sa pagsapit ng dapit-hapon,
Kung di kayang maka-ahon,
Kahit sa hangin nalang maibulong,
Ang mga salita ng damdaming nakakulong.
I wonder if
The cat who stole
Your tongue
Decided to leave it
In a safe place
Penchie Limbo Mar 2018
My pen runs dry and I run of words.  How do I tell our story? Should I burst into a song and hum a melody? Or dance to the silent rhythm of my heart?

Browsing through the pages of our shared memories, my heart beats faster as our story unfolds and memories start to unravel that weigh heavily in my mind.

Oh tell me how do I say I get lost in your eyes? Or melt into your warm embrace? Or how your love puts me at ease when the world is raging around me?

Will the twinkle in my eyes, the lightness of my feet when I enter a room or the smile that I wear when I’m with you express the unspoken words engraved in the walls of my heart?

May everything I do and everything I am spells the love you have in me when words do not suffice.

©Penchie Limbo
When words do not suffice to express what we truly feel, how do we say it without speech?
Laura Warner Nov 2017
Hard liquor on my lips
Still doesn't burn as much as you
You may have left
But your taste lingers on
I drink to forget you
Yet every time i’m back in the same place
With your face plastered on my mind
Contradicting comments
And broken promises
Are all that is left until
Sapphire pools draw me back home
Back to the comfort of two arms
Open wide anticipating my return
But not tonight
Tonight I sit alone
Letting the cold poison trickle down my throat
Wondering what in the world went wrong.
Malebogo Gopetse Aug 2016
I thought ...

But now I know
And it's crystal clear,
Thoughts are all they'll ever be.
A millon things running on my mind. Plans to share it with anyone? No. Some words are better off left unsaid.
isabelle saloom Jul 2016
and suddenly the ocean roared with life,
waves crashed into the coast,
washing over our bodies as we lay in the sand,

your lips tasted of salt water taffy,
your breath against my neck felt like an ocean breeze,
your hands tickled my skin like the sand against our feet

i closed my eyes and let myself sink deeper and deeper into the shore
the saltwater filled my esophagus
and i screamed your name
but you just watched me sink further until i was no more
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