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jia Apr 2021
how do i undo
the feelings i have for you
when clearly you got no clue
that these are all true

how do i undo
to cut myself from blue
though this ain't new
i wanna get over you
Sabika H Nov 2020
There is fire in my stomach
And smoke in my throat
And soot in my brain.
So hazy is my life,
Overwhelmed by guilt and shame.
So heavy is this burden,
I want someone to blame.
So disgusted I am with myself,
I want you to be the same.

Oh God,
I will not complain about my life
And my woes;
I tear myself up from the root and
Pull my brain out through
My nose.

I want to die but,
I don’t want to burn,
Even though I am burning
On my own.

Leave me alone, lock me up
And throw away the **** key.
Take my consciousness far away from me.
Let me die without being dead so
I don’t have to feel the
Scorching heat of my actions.

I know I don’t deserve heaven so
As mercy undo my existence and
Put me back to sleep.
Bhill Oct 2020
the image of Cheeto Face can’t be unseen
glaring at us through the tube
spewing forth random worthlessness
infringing on all who watched
how do you undo such nonsense

Brian Hill - 2020 # 269
I wasn't going to post this but my mind wouldn't let me not post it. Who saw that **** show?
Somewhatdamaged Apr 2020
A fable lesson learned
After every immoral step I took
Something valuable I earned
As all the pages I have burned
Nothing I could undo...
Moon Cherry Dec 2019
It feels like something unwanted stuck in my throat,
Preventing my voice to be loud and clear,
Making my breathing difficult,
My brain keeps on telling me to cut it open,
That unwanted thing is better gone.
Once I cut it open,
Will I be freed too?
I thought that I am strong, but why am I having this suicidal thoughts too?
Nadia Sep 2019
i have felt
the rush of blood
pounding in my veins;

to over-reaction,
cursing the same

NCL September 2019
Nina Aug 2019
I couldn't help it
But to smile
Every time i look at you
Or think of you
It *****
Because it's pretty obvious
That i like you
You could see it  in my eyes
And especially my smile
But you don't care
You don't care about my feelings
So I'll promise you
Sooner or later
I won't be smiling
When i see your face
I will look at you with a straight face
And show you
That you're no longer
The reason why i smile
Abort mission
Message can't be sent
How do I undo
These lies
When my own system crashed
killian Oct 2018
i can't uneat what i just ate
i can't come early if i just came late
i can't unsee what i just saw
i can't be free if i broke the law

i can't come clean because i'm permanently *****
i can't love you because i'm just not flirty
i can't touch you, my hands aren't clean
but it can still come true if it wasn't a dream
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