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A Gnostic you

Eternity or bust
LIFE or the grave

A Necromancer is one which props up the dead as alive.

The Resurrection will proceed.

Et tu?

🌞 πŸ‘ 🌈

They've lost their innocence and given unto arrogant pride in what they do not know.
Enjoy being eaten alive for false peace whilst razing the land, false spiritists.

C. Myss - 30 years Imprisonment, & Death.
R. Ohotto - 40 years & Death.
S. Dinan - 50 years.

-The Lion King 🐦
If you wanna
Better quit bein pig demons.
The Great War of Peace begins today. Eternal solitude for the abuser pigs, callous & evil.
My Jer he don't like you and he lovs everyone.

I go out of my way not to step on ants: you ** in your way to be ****.
Cute not innocent but conniving,
Beware My Wrath.
And theirs ws silence to Heaven
For about a quarter hour.
As I climb further
They fall farther
To the dregs of eternal reality
Reserved for the uncaring
Their spice of pride
Won't make them fly
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