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SiouxF 3h
Feeling lonely,
You wish for friends in your life,
Forever working,
For what else to do.
But when an opportunity
For fellowship arises,
Feeling lost,
You shy away,
And reject it.
Oh sweet child,
How will you break this pattern
Of monotony,
And disconnection,
And isolation,
If you avoid the one thing you crave?
SiouxF 1d
It’s too easy
For that most precious to us,
To slip through our fingers like sand,
And be lost forever.
Vigilance my friend,
Work out what is important to you right now,
Treasure and nurture that most priceless,
Never take for granted,
For too often,
Too late,
We only appreciate the value,
After it has gone
SiouxF 1d
So much hangs on the weight of those three syllables.
Without it,
Your life can turn upside down,
Seemingly in a moment,
And be irrevocably changed forever.

Feeling betrayed,
The wound festers
And smoulders,
Without even noticing
Hurt and pain magnifies,
Lashing out,
Sticking the knife in,
For seemingly no reason,
Hurting the one who means most to you.
Portcullises lowered,
Drawbridges raised,
Fortresses built,
Till you’re both encamped on different continents,
Shooting arrows at each other,
And yourself,
Till the relationship is well and truly

No. Communication,
And most of all,
is a better route,
Ultimately more rewarding,
For both of you.
The rightful path is not smooth and easy,
Lessons painfully learned,
But a wiser soul be you.
SiouxF 1d
A female Midas whose touch transforms into gold?
A Medusa who stare turns you to stone?
A sorceress who’s presence turns all to poison?
Or perhaps all three?
Only time will tell.
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