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SiouxF Mar 11
My knight in shining armour upon his gallant steed,
Or rather, truth be told, my gallant knight in his shining steed,
Rescued me in my hour of need
When I decided to adventure off piste
To view an ancient church,
For a couple of minutes, or so I thought,
With not a care for any danger or dragons.
But my wheels sunk deep into the cemented mud,
So I had to ring and surreptitiously confess my deed.
He came racing back
To the midsts of nowhere,
Thank goodness for what three words.
We pushed, we pulled, we added straw and sheets of wood,
But the vehicle was stuck fast.
With the light dimming,
We shovelled the earth,
The van decided to play ball,
And with a flurry of mud
Came free at last,
Thanks to my honourable knight
For rescuing me in my misdemeanour.

Oh me and my easily distracted brain!
There is more than an element of truth in this! 😊
SiouxF Dec 2023
As I sit on this cold bench
In nature,
Twilight rising,
Feeling the crisp biting air,
Smelling the dampness of the leaves,
Sensing and finding solace in the space all around me,
I am reminded of a similar November evening as a child,
Where I stayed out as long as possible on my own,
Imagining adventures,
Enjoying the moment,
And the assault on my senses,
Until too much dark had descended,
And mum called me in.

Only the smell of a bonfire is missing now,
And no one to call me back in.
The next day I discovered this quote which sums up what I was trying to express:
“If your mind is still, you can sense the peace that emanates from the earth.”
—Eckhart Tolle
SiouxF Dec 2023
I finally got to walk alone in nature once again,
And experienced that longed for peace and stillness,
And space between my ears,
Other than tinnitus’ static,
And tinged with sadness and grief of course,
And short lived till my brain kicked back in.
But for awhile it was bliss.
I heard the birds sing,
The waves reverberate against the pebbly beach,
I felt the wind gently caressing my cheek, and
The warmth of the sun just before it dipped below the cliff,
And saw the rise of the near full moon shining out like a beacon
To lost travellers the world over.
Not even the sound of voices in the distance disturbed my stillness
In that moment.
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