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Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
The tenuous sense of self is crumbling
In a gentle breeze of slight rejection,
Whose worth is broken by extreme humbling
So breaking true self’s the self’s protection.

Breaking down instead of standing strong
Means the world must clean up all your pieces.
Even when the self feels the self is wrong
And the will to hold yourself releases.

The human soul is stronger than the hand.
The self survives outside a lover’s grip.
When you crumble you need to understand
Your own love is the greatest partnership.

You never considered how much trouble
It is to find heartbeats in the rubble.
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Declan Quinn May 2018
He said, she said.
He lied, she cried.
Then he cried because she lied.
Too many hard questions with no good answers.
In the eye of the storm it's all blown away.
You can't shake hands with gloves on.
Ozioma Ogbaji Apr 2015
You are a beautiful star.
Like Sirius on a starry night,
You gloriously shine so bright
And can be seen from afar

You are brave, you are strong
You are wise, though sometimes wrong
You are different, uniquely you
For there is no other quite like you

Your mind, your eyes, your stride;
Even your flaws, are beautiful too
I hope you see what I see in you
For it means nothing if you cannot see it too
your hands grips the hard wood
drenched in sweat, an irresistible feeling of defeat
barricades your body
I watch you waive your white flag in the clear blue sky
although the colors bring pleasure to my soul
in unison
they are absolutely stunning
I will take your white flag
I will burn it to the ground
and watch the ashes dance with the wind
You Will Not Surrender
You Will Not Lose.
Get on both of your feet
Fight those spirits away
Until Your Victory is Proved.
Red Mar 2015
there is a reason
passionate men fall in love with you

who felt nothing

there is a reason
everyone remembers you

there is a reason
everyone loves you

and those who hate you
envy you

find that reason

hold onto it

and for Christ's sake never let it go
love yourself

— The End —