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He lives in the past
   And She in the future

Time was never on their side
   He waited for Her to exist

    In the few moments of air he  breathes

    Because the present never happened where the two people would meet.
Patiently he waited for her to live
I had almost forgotten,
The lines between the lines,
Details in dreary designs,
Perpetual persistent patterns,
Relentlessly resilient repetitions.

Why would you come now?
To remind, reminisce or read,
Reckless racks of reads.
All- knowing knocking knight,
A randomn reckoning recites.

What are these questions?
You ask, alter and annoint,
These dreadful death dreams,
And plough out pangs of pain,
Of a wilted and withered world.

Can't  allow this anymore,
Lose this loathful **** of yours,
That belittles my boistrous being,
Paint a pretty picture please,
Let go and leave, one last time.

I live in a different universe,
Of my wonderful whimsical wishes,
Floating  over my fantastic fairy tale,
Never nitpicking the neverending nows,
The happy hopeful and happening hows.
To all those untimely listeners who question your being:)
Stories mirror moons
moons amoung all stars
unique men and women hear
unspoken words
stories that change
While drifting through time
Fake authors republise

Glomming in everyone's mind
Till the day there stories forgotten
suddenly they don't remember
There ancestors true importance
branches broken and ghosted
Fallon of the grand piece

The day moves along
Without the lost history
After stories are closed
They lay in wait quitely
Till published
And everyone Reflects
On what was forgotten
Black heels
On a hotel room floor
Maybe I’ll shred your
Plane ticket home
Let me take this
Call real quick
A quick rip
From reality
Oh, life exists
Away from the heat
Of the space
Between us
Didn’t you know?

I like it
When vinyl tracks skip
I get to hear
my favorite part
You and i both know the significance of these dates
What they mean to me are at a much higher rate
But as always i was way too late
We had that talk
Cause i decided ten months had been way too long
To have asked you where i went wrong
You and i, emotionally, just never got a along
So that's when i decided enough was enough
It was tiring to have had acted all tough
Broke my walls down for you
Was any of it even true?
It's 4:34am
Writing this in your name
We could've had it all, baby
What a shame
I guess it's time to say goodbye
To what used to be us
And say hello to just you and I.
Manuel 2d
"It's interesting because I'm not a ***** of what I see, but instead I'm taken by the imagination, thought, and emotion that is set in a certain view."
Do you realize how mad this world is?
How everyone is in a rush,...
And how quickly we learn what pain is.
If the writer could stop... for a minute,
Beautiful lines would see the light of the day!
But see, time always has a limit.
Can I ever make the piano sound the same?
Will I ever hit those keys gently again?
Does my music still, beautifully, sing your name?
I hear this quiet tone every night,
While I look at the dark clouds.
Reminds me of you, every time.
a expanded love is,
a written love
love expand to a written love
love expand to a century,century
of a written love
a written century is a,
written century of love

time expand time to a written love
time expand time to a written century
decided by time is decided by the expansion of time
decided by time is decided by the expansion of a written love
time expand to a expansion of time
time expand to a expansion of a written love
time expand to a expansion of a century

the making of love is the making of time
the making of love is the making of a expanded time
make is making of love,make is making of a century
a written century is the making of a written century
a written century is the making of a written love
time take us to a written century
time take us to a written love
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about time is the making of time,century,and love. i don't add capitalization's on my writing.
Sitting here
Staring to the world around me
Listening to something I want to hear
Waiting for you to come
Looking for the key
To open me
Priyam 2d
So there's a pocket in my purse
Its unopened or maybe its cursed
Am I just indifferent or maybe I'm afraid
(I'll let you in a little secret)
It's where I keep my favorite blade

It's been in my company for quite some time
In the moments I chided, in the moments I chimed
I have always kept it close like a love another
(I don't even know how to say this)
Sometimes even closer than my very own mother

But I like how it feels on my soft skin
I carve through my teary eyes, a ****** grin
But sure I hope that I don't die
(I don't do it to **** myself)
It just gives me hope that the bad times will pass by

Its been a while since I have cried
I feel like a psychopath with no feelings to define
So I reach out for my blade in the purse to feel something
(I won't throw it away so soon)
It gives me joy to know that i can sense, even if its hurting.
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