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CJ M Sep 2018
Pieces of my pride shimmer on her skin
Dressing her in my naked words
I love her so much that none can have her
I’m all that she deserves.

Being so greedy has got my mind confused
I never thought I’d hurt a heart or make her feel abused.

Now we sit together with adrenaline in the air.
We are love no more.
We are flooding streets.

Murky waters
Vinegar and salt smile
Sweet intentions with a sour escape
Hearts burst in the palms of the other

Drowning passion
Dagger kisses
Angry love

Water-wrecked minds
Hidden fears
Little communication

Tensions have risen in our tsunami of emotion
I found this on my old E-Drive and decided to post. Don't remember if or why I didn't post it earlier.
Lily Aug 2018
We splashed in the pool
Together, the kiddy one
That is now too small.

She huddled in the
Car with me when I was scared
Of the thunderstorm.

She helped me sneak through
Her house at midnight and showed
Me her ice cream stash.

Sneaking grins across
The church on Sunday morning;
Well, we still do that.

She helped show me that
The world doesn't have to be
All work and no play.

Her liveliness and
Generosity show me
True, pure happiness.

I know we're growing
Up, but I hope she will al-
ways be my best friend.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Twisting wind whooshes,
Thunderstorm’s uncontrolled fits;
Town and country floats!
Ashari Ty Jul 2018

if thunderstorms are to come
it'd be just like rain
i'll sway and sing tunes
along the electric beats

if tsunamis are to come
it'd be just like beaches
i'll surf along the waves
and will never seek land

if tornadoes are to come
it'd be just like wind
i'll fly my kite above
and will never pull the string

if earthquakes are to come
it'd be just like waltz
i will nail every step
and forever i will groove

if the forests are to burn
it'd be just a bonfire
i'll make tons of smores
and i will never share

if the world is to end
it'd be just a morning
for a world that is burning
is a world that is shining
f a y a h . .
Marisol Quiroz Jun 2018
i awoke
to the piercing sound
of an alert,
a change of weather
in the sky.
severe thunderstorms,
warnings scattered,
rain throughout the night.
it's 3am
and the rain has not yet
begun to pour,
but i think i'll stay up
just a little bit longer,
just to hear the thunderstorm.

— april showers
lena k Jun 2018
why are you awake, child?
the wind whispers.
thunder is far too loud!
i say.
would you like it if i sang you a lullaby?
asked the rain.
i nodded.
sings the rain upon my window.
the wind pushed the tree branch
against my window
back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...
the moon shined through my window
as bright as the sun would let her
causing the walls of my room to turn
a light, baby blue
with "polkadots."
thank you.
i smile, closing my eyes.
pitter patter
i love how relaxing thunderstorms are. :)
Lily Jun 2018
You have to go through the storm
Before you can see the rainbow.
Please stay and experience the rainbow with me.
Don't ever let anyone make you think
That you can't make it through the storm.
ali Jun 2018
don't you ever doubt yourself-
you are the epitome
of a perfect storm.

your words,
they have the power
to shake universes,
to be the thunder
in someone else's world.

your wit, your intellect,
it strikes...
and the world hits pause
for a moment,
bathed in awe-
in a split second
the shock of your very own lightning
illuminating those around you.

your love,
oh, how i adore how you love,
with that gentle understanding
gleaming in your eyes.
but passionately,
protecting fiercely,
an ever- burning fire.

don't you ever doubt yourself-
you could be the perfect storm
in someone else's world
could you tell i wrote this during a thunderstorm?? i love them so much..
Asyura May 2018
Thunder & gales welcome me
as my tattered Converse soak up
the puddles on the streets
Pathetic fallacy,
the attribution of human emotions to nature.
My fears are released in the form of raucous thunders,
the kind that makes you stick your fingers into your ears
to calm the fast beating of your heart
My fury is released in the form of violent winds,
thrashing the trees treacherously
without mercy
However despite the hostile effects of my emotions
something deeper lies within
released in the form of droplets
tapping against your skin,
seeping into your clothes,
leaving you cold and shivering
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