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nabila s Jun 2020
missed you every night
why so?
i don't know

we don't know
kamu di atas, aku di bawah. nggak apa-apa.
nabila s Jun 2020
loved you long enough to lose my heart
you took all of it
kapan-kapan, ya?
nabila s Jun 2020
happy birthday
for you are the blessing to my existence
and a ground for my sanity
a calm that drains my rage
and a storm who flush my fire
the one with the best beam
and a one to die for
who knows when the lights turn down
you gleam radiantly severe
for that I love you today and tomorrow
the time it took to circle the nebula
my full sun
happy fullsun day.
nabila s Jun 2020
for today I'll be giving you my half
so when the sun hits the road
i could feel the warmth of your grin
as it lights the whole town just the same
for tomorrow i'll be giving you half of my remaining half
so when the crescent converges over the roof
i could hug you 'till the morning comes
and sense your arms under my heavy head
for overmorrow it goes on and on
so there will always be half left
bumps and lumps might be on their way
but it's alright
we can always try again
because you belong
to my tiny heart
nabila s Nov 2019
i think about it every day
how your hands felt like the oceans
how your arms scream the fire
how your words gave me everything i ever thought i needed
but oh my
why do you have to leave?
nabila s Sep 2019
i hope that someday
i wake up among the sun, the moon, everything that shines
i hope that someday
i feel grateful for what i’ve become, what i have, what i am, what i deserve
i hope that someday
i am no longer inside the blues, feeling the greys, spreading the reds
i hope that someday
i will be enough

but for now
please let me be
nabila s Aug 2019
it’s time for me to go home. no more feeling blue, either the one causing bruise or the one that sets free.
maybe it’s you all along, never letting me in. throwing hearts by the bay seems to always be your thing, i see.
i keep telling myself you’re not the one. you’re not the one. you’re never the one. you will never be the one.
nevertheless, i always come back to one who has the brightest grin among all the fishes in the sea, one who says the least but worry the hardest, one who walks so slow but runs within my entire living existence, one who is loved by the world, yet loves the slightest.
and by that, one who blesses my being breaks like a thunderstorm as well.
anyone can’t deny the fact that you’re such a dream for a curse in a graceful disguise.
it finally comes to and end, i hope.

perhaps, you’re the best, you’re the worst, you’re the worst best person i ever catch on.
and perhaps, you’re not meant to be a home after all.
one time i got my heart broken
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