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felixmae Nov 2020
she reminded me of pennies
two faced
and in everybody's pants
felixmae Dec 2018
whats the point
of falling in love
if no one is there
to catch you?
felixmae Dec 2018
Give yourself
The same love
You give others
felixmae Dec 2018
He told me,
"Don't expect
Too much of
My love,
You cannot
Touch stars,
For they are
Too hot."
felixmae Dec 2018
Your voice
Awakens me
From the darkness.
Slowly bringing me
From my sleep.
I awake and
I know that
You are
felixmae Dec 2018
the pressure i put
upon myself
crushes me

i cannot think
i cannot breathe
i cannot do this

i need a savior
someone to protect me
to lift me from my sorrows

and tell me
that it
will be
felixmae Dec 2018
To love you
Is to love the sun
You are there
Even when
I cannot see

To love you
Is to love the moon
You are truly there
Even in
Total darkness

To love you
Is to love the sea
You always
Come back
With unimaginable strength

To love you
Is to love the sky
Your colors stay pure
Despite the few
Blemishes of the clouds

To love you
Is to love the water
You are essential to me
And I could not live
Without you
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