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Poetress2 Dec 2019
"Hello Doctor,"
the woman said;
"How long before,
this thing is dead?"
"A half-an-hour,
give or take;
Then you'll be rid,
of this dreadful mistake."
"Will the Fetus feel,
very much pain;"
"It is so small,
won't feel a thing."
Then the Doctor inserted,
a shiny blade;
And slowly began,
to scrape him away.
The blade sliced off,
a piece of his leg;
It was the first time,
this child was afraid.
Inch by inch,
the Scalpel dug deep;
The arms, the hands,
then both of his feet.
One last scrape,
o'er the tiny head;
Then the evil one,
pronounced him dead.
Poetress2 Dec 2019
The four month old Fetus,
asleep in the Womb;
Is quite unaware,
that her life will end soon.
She was the result,
of a one night stand;
The pain that she'll feel,
she'll ne'er understand.
The hose from the ******* machine,
grabs onto her hip;
The tears from her pain,
signifies it's
been ripped.
She flinches away,
as it grabs her left leg;
It pulls it apart,
in a cold fit of rage.
The child's heart,
ceases to beat;
All from the actions,
of that ******* machine.
Poetress2 Dec 2019
I checked my mail, the other day;
And I found a letter,
from far away.
My Heavenly Father,
from up above;
Sent it to this Sinner,
of whom He loves.
"Dear Child,
I'm writing this to you,
in hopes that you'll be writing soon;
I wanted to tell you,
so many things;
And my love for you,
will endure anything.
I wish you wouldn't, worry so much,
about your Salvation, your fears and such.
Just lay your problems,
at my feet;
I'll gladly take them,
to set you free.
Before I close,
I want to say;
Come to me,
when e'er you stray.
Now set aside,
your worries and doubts;
For that is what,
I'm all about."
Poetress2 Dec 2019
These four walls,
can't hold me back;
For it's not courage,
that I lack.
I stay because,
I'm needed here;
I always want,
them to be near.
And though I'm needed, everyday;
I need them too,
in my own way.
Poetress2 Nov 2019
The murky water,
is inhabited by Snakes;
one bite will **** you.
Poetress2 Nov 2019
In all their glory,
leaves change from green to orange.
Fall is here again.
Poetress2 Nov 2019
My God is such a great God,
He loves me very much;
How do I know He cares for me,
I feel it in His touch!
My God can perform miracles,
He does it everyday;
He wants the best for you and I,
in every single way.
My God gives to me Blessings,
according to His Will;
His love is never ending,
His Grace is truly real.
My God is most remarkable,
and in Him I do trust;
I could not live without Him,
His prescence is a must!
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