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Poetress2 Mar 15
When I'm sad and lonely,
I go to God in prayer;
I know that He will hear me,
in His Throne Room, He is there.
I cast my cares upon Him,
and He listens intently;
He cares about my burdens,
as I cast them at His feet.
When my heart is broken,
I go to Him in tears;
"Hush now, my dear child,"
as He takes away my fears.
This is how I live my life,
taking one day at a time;
Just knowing God is there for me,
eases my heart and mind.
Poetress2 Mar 15
Horses are gorgeous,
as their Mane blows in the wind.
I love to ride them.
Poetress2 Mar 15
Snow is beautiful,
especially when it falls,
blanketing the ground.
Poetress2 Mar 14
I can not seem to find,
the words I long to say;
To tell you of my feelings,
I live with every day.
For if I were to tell you,
I hate the way you lie;
You'd turn your anger towards me,
so fierce, I'd want to die.
And if I were to tell you,
your cheating's not okay;
You'd say it was my fault,
I caused you to stray.
Now if I were to tell you,
that ***** *** is wrong;
You'd fly off of the handle,
and tell me it's my job.
And if I were to tell you,
we can't communicate;
You'd tell me I was crazy,
with a heart so full of hate.
So if I were to tell you,
you have broken my heart;
You'd come unglued, like an old shoe,
blaming Satan for your part.
Poetress2 Mar 14
For all that I am,
and all I will be;
God has a great plan,
and a purpose for me.
While the Earth, still void,
I was on His mind;
As He was creating,
this (One of a kind.)
I am special indeed,
God formed me this way;
He was the Potter,
and I was the Clay.
In His own image,
I was made to be;
Unlike any other,
I'm completely unique.
Poetress2 Jan 14
If you ever feel God's presence,
consider yourself blessed;
For He will bring encouragement,
He'll give your body rest.
He'll fill your heart with love,
give you peace you've never known;
He'll shine His grace upon you,
where ever you may roam.
He'll impart a joy unto you,
that you will ne'er forget;
He'll teach you His forgiveness,
how to live with no regrets.
He'll make your life much better,
if you will let Him in;
And give you many gifts,
that He wants so much to give.
Poetress2 Jan 12
Within the soft, sweet coolness,
of a gentle, Summer's breeze;
I heard my God speak to me,
and I quickly hit my knees.
How could this living God,
who created everything;
See past all my mistakes,
and truly forgive me?
And in the darkness of myself,
I no longer felt alone;
For I knew He walked beside me,
where ever I may roam.
'Tis then I prayed, "Oh Father,
please ease my fears and woes;
Be with me on my journeys,
where ever I may roam.
If not for Your great love,
Your mercy and Your grace;
I would be a nothing,
among the Human race."
Then I asked, "Dear Father,
how could this truly be;
That the good you see within me,
is never what I see?"
My heart then filled with joy,
and a peace came over me;
For I knew within my heart,
that Jesus set me free.
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