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Poetress2 Oct 5
"Give me your life,"
the Lord told me;
"And I will set,
your Spirit free.
I will fill your heart,  with wonderous peace;
I'll provide
for you, all of your needs.
I'll lift you up, should you e'er fall;
You'll always hear me,
when I call.
Always remember,
that I love you;
No matter what,
you say or do.
Now trust in me,
and do not fear;
For I am always,
very near."
Poetress2 Oct 5
The cool, Ocean breeze,
is quite invigerating,
and calms my Spirit.
Poetress2 Oct 5
Nestled in her Mother's womb,
she's beginning to run out of room;
She ***** her thumb without a clue,
of what is coming very soon.
To a clinic tomorrow, her Mommy will go, where she will be, ****** through a hose;
This child did not have a choice,
this child did not have a voice.
The day arrives when she will die,
the Doctor has at last arrived;
It's not too late to change her mind,
and on the wall, the clock chimes nine.
A hose is inserted,
inside the womb,
it will all be over very soon;
The child winches away in pain,
her suffering is her Mother's gain.
Each piece of this child,
is ****** right out,
no one can hear her cries and shouts;
  The tears in her blue eyes can't be seen,
thanks to the horror,
of that ******* machine.
Poetress2 Sep 29
A deadly Spider,
is the Wandering Spider;
death is imminent.
Poetress2 Sep 29
The Honey Badger,
is a fearless animal; He kills what he hunts.
Poetress2 Sep 25
I do not wish,
to ever be touched;
For the pain
spills out,
it's simply too much.
Touches make me feel,
***** and confused;
Since I was but a child,
of maybe one or two.
They robbed me of my innosence,
they robbed me of my youth;
In the dark of the night,
in my dingy little
The nightmares unfolded,
until I was nine;
They invaded my privacy,
stole a chunk of my life.
Poetress2 Sep 25
Trees sway in the breeze,
as their leaves blow to and frow;
Autumn is coming.
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