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Lyner May 31
My thoughts could run a marathon
Faster than Usain Bolt
But they can't focus
All over the place
From here                                                                  
                                                                   To there
Up high

And down low
but they never stay GROUNDED
My words f l o a t away from me
Like balloons set loose by a child

"You don't care," they say
I care too much
I care to the point of pain
Am I enough yet?
I would cut myself open
Rip out my heart
How much of me is too much?
Lyner Apr 9
I sit in the garden
Legs crossed, eyes closed
The sounds of nature flow around me
In an intangible stream
A chirping bird, a trickling creek flows by the roses
Yesterday's rains drip through the vines
I raise my hands up to an imaginary crown
Envisioning myself as a ruler without a frown
Daisies bloom from my palms
Orchids from my moss-green beard
I'll lay in the grasses from sun-up
Sharing stories with the weeds, the sprouts, the dandelions
I inhale the fresh air
Close my eyes once more
And let my daydreams lead me further
Into my kingdom of trees
Lyner Apr 7
The stars sparkle like
LED lights
Hung upon the walls of a celestial dorm
A college student in the skies
studies the small creatures below
She writes her essays on myths
that humans told long ago
Her professor grades the paper
judging not on fact, but on prose
Classmates chat in the halls
About classes, about dating, about parties
But the lunar lady continues watching
with a cautious eye
As we go about our daily lives
Lyner Mar 8
Pit, pat, pitter-tat
The rain drums on my roof
Thunder, a distant drum
Booms, slams, crashes
A distant cacophony
Accompanied by birdsong
Splish-splash, titter, laugh
Children play in puddles
As innocent as a puppy in my lap
The storm passes
And the sun blazes again
  Mar 8 Lyner
Chris Saitta
Death undoes itself like a woman undoes her dress
With knowing look and shrewd-salt of beguilement
Of supple shoulders and bared back, of life shimmying
Down the legs of the longest dark road of disappearing.
Lyner Mar 1
Like roses in a garden
Our love did bloom
Until the winters chill set in
Bringing gloom
My heart yearns for the days
Where we would sit and gaze
Upon the clouds above

But spring brings life once more
The sun's rays shine below
So I smile
And let my woes go
Lyner Feb 28
Stars above, moon so bright
Will you heed my song tonight?
Lyrics of joy, verses of pain
Melodies of loneliness run through my veins
I cry at the heavens
Like the wolves and their brethren
Hoping to catch a soul who might listen
The chords so joyful tell a sweet tale
One that can be heard on a passing gale
We can dance together
Like long lost lovers
Ready to see what the darkness uncovers
Until the sun rises
And again you shall rest
We'll travel the night
On the light we know best

— The End —