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Ritz Writes May 24
Observing the detailed lines of my curves, eyes and lips; he touched my soul in all its tainted glory.
Passion is like the rhythm we tune in as we danced away to an ****** beat;
Burned with flame, seeking home and romance in each other's company.
Lost in an ecstasy
Shunned away from reality.
Ritz Writes May 3
The 4 am drive to the airport
Sealed with melancholy and unbarring silence.
Sweaty hands interlocked;
Afraid to let go.
For two hours of staying wide awake wasn't enough to absorb the repercussion we would soon be battling with.
And the new faces are just a mirage, collected stories and memories still imprinted in closed notes; the counted days of our momentary bliss.
The wait never felt like a burden, rather worth the wait to enjoy our last bite of meal.
Tight hugs and kisses, as I walked through the door with my bags and suitcases,
Never thought one day, that was the final draft of our story for five years back.
"No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories." ~ Haruki Murakami ❀
Ritz Writes Mar 15
Dear fragile heart of mine, thank you for understanding my passionate soul that lingers on finding joy amidst the  mundane activity of everyday chores. Our heart became our beacon of hope which secretly made us to fall in love with what life has to offer and yet like an elastic rubber, it mends the shattered pieces again. Dear careless heart of mine, every time I wept and choked up my silent tears with covered face on pillows; ashamed to accept the fact that I was at my weakest point, somewhere down the line, it taught me to hold on because I am not going to give in easily to rejection, I still need to HOPE. As I embark on my adventures to unfold, it gave me the resilience to bear and believe in myself. The world reminded me always saying, " don't let emotions overpower your intelligence." But forgot to inculcate the bitter truth, "to be human is to be vulnerable" as well. The child within me still yearn
for the melody that my heart sang, dancing in joy and still believing to be humane enough. I felt the pain, I empathise with others and wore my heart on sleeves. By embracing who I am gave me the chance to breathe with no fear of what lies ahead.
Perhaps, someday I will find my missing puzzle and connect the dots I had been trying to trace for years of surviving the phase called heartbreak.
We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” ~ Albert Einstein 🍁
Ritz Writes Mar 7
Straddled my mind until I am confined; the way you see the world in kaleidoscope as I gazed into your eyes, a bright lad on a quest to conquer the unseen future.
Tonight, we will be sailing on our dreams where we could just be Us.
You have set my soul on fire and electrified my desire.
The heart wants what it wants.
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
It's that time of the year where "a prophet isn't welcome in his own land".
Why do we feel alienated in the midst of known faces yet carve out a niche for ourselves in a stranger's land?
Why do the urge to run away always cross our mind as we tend to grow older, leaving all behind?
Was it the scar that hasn't healed yet or the demon to face as soon as you enter the hell.
It's that time of the year again to wear a mask, to prepare onself; face the wrath with a stoical heart, only to die everyday in a confined ivory tower.
The Mask we wear,
The Pain we bear,
Surviving everyday in a world where no one hardly cares.
#RitzWrites ♕
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
Encountered so many faces and promises
yet nobody made me comfortable to breathe in my own skin like you do.
You're the reason why lyrics are etched on the mind, the home I want to run to, while dealing in pain.
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
Finding the right words to articulate our fragmented memories, stained ink and silence to fill the void of your absence;
We became the passive voice of our generation who cannot muster up the courage.
The generation who couldn't face to face challenge the odds and ask you to stop and simply utter, "Stay".
Stay so that we can face the music together.
Stay because it hurts without you.
Stay because it challenges me to fight my battle against the crowd in proving out that
I'll stand by you.
Stay because you're the hand I'd love to hold amidst the crowd.
But silently, the meek voice which couldn't make the right choice,
Still struggling to find terms and conditions in order to address the wound we are silently suffering; deep down where no could see,
How painful it could be!
The ‘untranslatable’ Japanese phrase ‘Koi No Yokan’ is ‘the premonition of love’. Have you ever encountered meeting a person, the calm to your storm and the home you wanna always run to.
Dedicated to someone I've encountered, yet I am afraid to lose and still bottling up my feelings.
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