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Ritz Writes Sep 2
Overwhelmed with guilt, how can the thoughts be spoken and understood when gamut of emotion is playing over your head?
How could you fall asleep when there are uncertainty with every storm to face and void to fill?
Why are you shutting your eyes in anguish and lament in your sleep? Why do anger on the nerve will never settle down at ease?
Did you take a moment to walk in someone else's shoe?
Did you think twice before the words blatantly ended up hurting someone's pride?
Perhaps, we are rotten from inside with no room for anyone.
The house will remain a facade,the kids will value gadgets over bonds. Perhaps you're just a loving dead,
waiting for the reaper to steal your soul. Perhaps, you could have been a better human; a better father, a better brother, a better love.
With all the sorrows and stoical face, wait for your departure old man! Will meet you when the world ends, on the other side.
Ritz Writes Aug 29
Teach me how to love Mama
As you cradle me in your loving arm.
Teach me how to feel the pain in this fragmented mortal realm
Where love decayed and a wistful nostalgic era replays
On the mind of every human;
To dwell in peace.
Teach me how to face the music Mama
In life's journey as I embark on my coming days.
Teach me how to put myself to sleep Mama
When you'll be gone
The days won't be the same anymore.
Ritz Writes Aug 21
The calm to my storm,
The confidante to my troubling soul, the reason I could be flawed and bold. The reason why I live each day untold about the unknown; with the sees of hope you've ignited in me.
To believe in myself, to stand firm on my conviction when the world didn't see, who I could be.
In you I seek assurance, In you I find home.
Ritz Writes Jun 28
Light the fire, watch it burn.
Fire burns through my lungs, heart filled with tar.
See the spirit dancing in the smoke, echoing the silence of my thoughts,
While I inhale my pain quietly with each puff, let it ease my ache.
lies the stories unfold.
Smell of Cigar, fueled with sadness,
On the brink of fragile hope;
Until the next day dawns.
RitzWrites ♕
"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." ~Albert Camus
Ritz Writes Jun 17
Insanity awaits flooding into our soul as you read the goosbumps on my skin like an old man reads braille.
Sweet revolution on your tongue
Losing the urge to run.
Futile to resist, your touch ignites the passion.
Let uncover each other's emotion
Carpe Diem!
Meet me where our mind and heart collides;
Escape into a momentary bliss
Let's make a stretch into infinity.
" I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees. " ~ Pablo Neruda ❀
Ritz Writes Jun 16
Behind all the angst and rant,
Behind all that frustration and days of solitude,
A child struggling to make amends.
Behind all that smoke and ashes,
Behind that sorrow hiding in mask,
A boy choking himself not to cry.
The Big Bad World will move on without your existence and soon you'll turned into dust and no legacy left to mourn over.
"Oh Mama! What do I do now?
The sleep alleviated the pain.
In dreams, I found my escape."

©RitzWrites ♕
Ritz Writes Jun 13
I chose to FORGIVE and FORGET
so that I could MOVE ON and EVOLVE.
I chose to FORGIVE not because I was told to do so;
It was my sole purpose to overcome the NIGHTMARE from the past.
When the weight of the world was pulling me down
I found my way to fight back and wear my CROWN.

I chose the road that was filled with THORNS
Wear my scars with pride, not to make a face and frown.
To begin again from a state of TABULA RASA,
Unfiltered mind
Welcome the newborn.
"For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." ~ T.S. Eliot
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