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Gandy Lamb Feb 2019
░░░░░░░░( •̪●)░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃░░░▃░░░░ ▃░░

░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
...........███ ]▄▄▄▄▄▃

__­_( •̪●)
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
oh hell ya boys we gonna **** some russians today
not if i have anything to say about that
donald trump will end you all!!
Alienpoet Feb 2019
Do you think they will ever care?
the rich and powerful and the big banks
own us with their guns and tanks
will they care when we are gone?

they siphon our money through a straw
Just so they can get richer through the profits of war
on everyone including the poor and disabled
the immigrants and working class able

We are slaves to the rich in this so called Christian country
full of those who would spout forth
I speak of my discourse
but wasn’t it Jesus who said
that it is as difficult as a camel to go through the eye of a needle
as a rich person to go to heaven
the hour is getting late it’s way past quarter past eleven
Or is the doomsday clock wrong
we live on knife edge don’t tell us we are strong
In being poor
heaven can wait for our souls
we need to be cared for...
Christopher Jul 2018
Every morning
I'm enjoying.
Evenings may vary.
But my tanks take care of me.

I shift them both 180 degrees,
Usually they know it means one of two things.
It's time to clean or secure.

But for some reason, one breaks my order.

Slowly shifting towards east, his platoon knows something wrong.
Slowly cause he doesn't wanna raise the heat.
Cause if one sees him too undone,
That's one to not be seen.

Unfortunately a time comes where two has to go back to zero.
Not cause it's time to sleep, not trust me.
They still do protect me after these.

One stays at 90 regardless of what I say.

While I appreciate it, you gotta understand what I'm saying cause I'm done, no more cold ones. It's freezing and I can't take no more. Just turn off.
Just a twist of a **** I wish.

We'll continue our routine tomorrow...

Charlie One: 0° E  Hotel Two: At ease. You've done enough for me.
More entendres than you could see...choose which one you think I'm speaking of.
Like Tyler Joseph said "A kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me...okay friend?"
courting the sun
  after a cool June
  in my vintner's garden
close to the southern border

carefully sipping
  his latest selection
    a good year
    you can taste it

looking out from the hill
  across the river valley
  I listen to his children
  proudly telling how
only yesterday
  they filled 50 sandbags
just in case

the deafening roar
  of an interceptor jet
  splits the air
    just for seconds
    leaves my wine glass
three helicopters
  slash their way south
  and come back later

over the winding road
  on the next hill
  the last tank of the column

we can hear
  not far away
      over there
  sounds like explosions

we enjoy the sun

Helmut opens another one
  of his treasured bottles
  and tells me
  what he will do
  if They come across
   he is a good hunter
and an excellent shot

I sip the clear wine
  watch how the sunlight
  lends its brilliance
  to the half-filled glass  

I feel a little bit
  like Humphrey Bogart
  in the wrong movie.
Near the Slovene border in southern Austria at the beginning of the war in former Yugoslavia, 1992.
Jerrad Johnson Jan 2018
We are pack
United as one, we attack
Nothing can stand before the wolf pack

A pack united is unstoppable
But a lone wolf is trivial

End to end, we ruled the map
If you thought you were free, it was only a trap
And if were satiated, we might even cap

But there was a shift in power, and the STDs ruled from above
Death poured down from on high
And "cancer" was written in the sky

These big guns divided the pack
We became lone wolves, and trivial
We cannot stand before this attack

We remember when we were united as a wolf pack
We were pack
Light House Feb 2017
Life is like a video game.
The levels don't get any easier;
the progression
only gets harder.
The game becomes
more demanding,

but your character
advances along, too.

The levels don't get any easier,
but something else changes.
Instead of taking
twenty damage,
your character
takes far more.
In the end: hundreds
of thousands, even.

You barely survived
single & double digits,
yet soon you're tanking
numbers with commas,
three times their parts.

Your persona changes,
as you
venture from the start.
You transcend from a novice
who had to run
from most harm,
to artisan, as you stare
down a lair,
leading a guild,
wielding two shields,
taunting all evil:
its bosses, goons,
& all mobs.

You take on all of this, drenched in
the thick & the hard. &, here you stand
of a level high, having more
than barely survived:
Breathing ..healed,
in your prime... fully alive.
Not sure.  This one escaped me for the time being.
Consider it: In the Works
Alan S Bailey Apr 2016
As a wise man once said: "hinder not the learning of youth,"
So what do you do? You build walls, you are anti-social,
You don't want to talk about "it." you are angry and hurtful,
You have to punish them for misbehavior, then do what you
Please, you hand them everything they need, then take away
The keys.

A wise man once said: "better to lay you down for your friend,"
So what do you do? Every man for himself! Run off and find
A small lil' mine and dig and dig until you find gold as well,
Pick up a small piece of the pie while starving people in the
Third world die, we "can't help them all" so why not just accept
Bread lines?

A wise man once said: "It's not ours to **** others, you shall not ****."
So what do you do? You make tanks and nuclear submarines,
You create machines of death and destruction for our "protection"
With the very weapons that so easily can turn back upon us,
You always join in every war and say destruction is simply
"A must."

Wisdom has been turned into words alone, we speak it, but we do      
Not act upon it, thus we become hypocrites and knaves upon thrones.
Want to dive into the shark tank
Getting tough and *****
Not even the salt water can wash off my relentless spirit
JayceeJellies Aug 2015
Nose pressed to the glass
I'm smiling brightly
as you grasp my hand
My other hand reaches up
and touches the tanks coldness.
Aren't they beautiful?
I lovingly exclaim-
Squeezing your hand excitedly.
Lets come here again, okay?
Casey Carter Feb 2015
Take me out to the ballgame
Take me to be all I can
You can't find such a jolly group
Of secret malevolent madmen
So it's bombs, guns, tanks
For the home-team
If there's no one left, what a shame
Cause it's money, lives and victory
In the Old Ballgame
Woods By Day Bars By Night © 2012, Casey Carter
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