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Casey Carter Mar 2015
No one said
It would be easy

A reckless hostage
Of space and time

Roll ahead
Burning bridges

Set to moving
Amidst the line

And I don't
Regret the chance

When the dream
Became capsized

And I
A reckless hostage

Of both
Space and time

Errantly ahead
Burning bridges

Dipping and bathing
Amidst the line
Woods By Day Bars By Night © 2012, Casey Carter
Casey Carter Mar 2015
I know you have a dark side
Although you hide it well
Life as tectonic plates
You choose your show and tell

I know you have a dark side
I know your heart means well
Concepts and beliefs
Removed experience

All things
are functions
of consciousness

I know you have a dark side
The way out is through
Integrate dualistic self
Taste the answers you seek
Woods By Day Bars By Night © 2012, Casey Carter
Casey Carter Mar 2015
Framed from the void
Her legs whisper through shadows
Making me feel
That nothing else matters
The man in me
can't wait but to call-
All that was then
I'll believe it again-
So soon love to fall

I'd love to believe
You'd never deceive
Letting it down
The walls that surround

She crawls in her skin
Inviting me in-
Even though I know
It's desert my friend-
I still want to go
I'd blind myself so
Torture so sweet
Begs at my feet
While I just grin
Woods By Day Bars By Night © 2012, Casey Carter
Casey Carter Feb 2015
Take me out to the ballgame
Take me to be all I can
You can't find such a jolly group
Of secret malevolent madmen
So it's bombs, guns, tanks
For the home-team
If there's no one left, what a shame
Cause it's money, lives and victory
In the Old Ballgame
Woods By Day Bars By Night © 2012, Casey Carter
Casey Carter Feb 2015
Grand mamma always told me
Hold your head up proud
And never accept to blend in with the crowd-
Kinna strange the way
I'm parting rivers right now
And how if sitting silent
I'm truly speaking out loud

Long ago and swiftly
Juggling dozens of eggs
Though trying not to split 'em
I tripped up on some pegs
The yoke leaked out
Mixed with the blood
From my head
I didn't whimper yet I knew
My beauty was dead-
But that's how it grows
All you Elaine's and Ed's
Through brazen heat
And tempest sleet
Chewing on led

While inspires cry
And empires fry
That sandstone shifts
And driftwood drifts
Alone I merrily roam
With my for sure's and if's
Never dissuading
The hemispheres
Of my bliss
Woods By Day Bars By Night © 2012, Casey Carter
Casey Carter Feb 2015
I've given birth to many things
Cloudy nights, slanted rays
Set ways, uneven days-
Wet it, let it
Permeate its hues-
Like rock 'n' roll
from the womb of the blues

I got a whiskey-drinkin' woman
She waits for me around the bend
Starts harvesting the plants
Now, whenever I drop in
We both play mute, 'cause we know
Where glowing fingers of the fire
play blown wood, like a piano

I've given birth
to birds and snails
Solar systems
that have failed
Let it pour, let it roar
and pay its dues
Like rock 'n' roll
from the fertile
womb of the blues
Currents © 2013, Casey Carter
Casey Carter Feb 2015
Like love
Is indifferent
To race, color or age

I see upright monkeys
With honed, lunatic, pestilent
Around endless corners
living out-
and hosing down somberly-
Frequency dreams
Battery life sputter drains
that whip with sardonic torment-
Beat with blood-bathed smiles
Laughing to slow vertiginous rhythm
in captivating faces

Take, take, take-
To receive such
an empty promise

And I've lost interest
in this silent war
We've constructed
so dizzily
Currents © 2009, Casey Carter
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