Sometimes you are the gasoline to an already burnt building
Sometimes you are the anger of a child who broke his own toy
And sometimes you are a fist of rage,
Yelling at the television
A puff of smoke
You are the post apocalyptic chaos of a rip tide too far gone to break

See, racism is not the shark but it's the ocean
All teeth and no mouth,
No jaw and no muscle
Just the white rattle of hate
The sharp grip of an untrained dog

People talk about racism like ancestral land and confederate flags,
Knowing that you own these things,
And we don't 
As if we don't own this history too,
This system
Like we're tredding water

How many skin heads do you think were in the room when we signed off on immigration laws,
race legislations,
public school curriculums?
Or pushed policies like mandatory minimum sentencing,
benine neglect,
broken windows,
stop and frisk,
the race war?

The eye of the hurricane is the least harmful part of the storm
The eye of the chat room,
All poker face and no cards

So which individual Donald Trump bigot boogie man are we supposed to be mad at?
When do we stop pointing out the bad apples long enough to acknowledge the orchid was planted on a mass grave?
When do we stop slandering race and start slandering unsolicited rage?

Sharks kill about one person each year
Thousands drown

But of course this isn't really a poem for white supremacist
I don't know any white supremacist
But I do know the people in my neighbourhood,
And my family
And I know how white supremacy is upheld
Whether it is through action or inaction
How it isn't just the broken act of justice,
But the justice itself
How a white kid with a black face on Halloween and his friend who knew it was wrong but didn't say anything - start to blur together
Because let's be honest,
Some racists aren't even racist at all
So they say nothing
They're a silent chorus,
A dull underwater humming waiting to overflow
But when the songs of our cities break,
Will we choose to hear it?
Or will we keep looking for the shark,
Keep tredding water,
Not knowing that we're drowning?
Katie Burton Apr 22
Swishing and swirling in a mass of frenzied bubbles
The shark swims after its prey
Sinking diamond cut daggers into the velvet flesh of the next feast to dine on and take into the depths of the sea.
I wrote this years ago whilst listening to a very powerful piano concerto and an image of a shark feeding came into my head.
Embrace this blue
To drop what I knew
Seeping down into the dark
Just like a shark
Who is ready to embark
Onto the true
Teach them to fish
and they'll bite/starve you
too death
Ahhh the joys of capitalism ;D
Watch out for blood in the water!
Stu Shapiro Feb 20
She clawed and climbed over me while grasping for air
I held her head above the choppy water
Gulping it down, drowning myself

The betrayal had broken my heart
The physical abuse, my soul
The verbal abuse, weakened my mind
But I couldn’t let you drown
Like the depth of the ocean, that is my love

Positive energy, thinking, yoga and gym.
I motivated you when I had the strength to motivate myself.
“Those are just band aids “ you said.
Hold my heart while I learn to swim in black water
I didnt understand wat that meant then.

I rocked you in my arms while you screamed for murder
I held you tight
I kept you safe

It was all worth it,  you finally learnt to swim
You became positive
Saw the light.

In the great ocean of life
You swam away
Im not the last shark.
as she's
taken awestruck
that her
inhibitions tuck
her smoothly
that post
her triumph
where silky
swivels exclaim
how willingly
her mantra's
buck begin
this cool
tale only
beguile this
gristle or
a snook
a bowl game victory
Temporal Fugue Jul 2017
Poor ol Michael Phelps, was cheated
the shark he raced, was CGI
he never got to meat it, or look it, in the eye
I think he was lied too, as he focused on the race
not aware or noticing, the shark, not in it's place
at the finish line, horror and confusion, must have reined
wondering if the shark, had jumped, into his lane
Heheh, what a stupid program LOL :D
Alienpoet Feb 2017
The tides of time flow beneath my feet
Rippling and flowing uncertainty
I am fish in the waters of constant change
Unpredictable ain't it strange

Will I be eaten by my disability?
Devoured by the shark like features of my own mind?
The stormy waves inside my heart
Will not just depart

The sea the tides of time
Hide my lost treasure sinking in the deep forever
Atlantis a lost city in a watery graveyard
Rusting away
rotten ships
Drowning wreckage of lost sailors

the waves hold a watery vigil
a siren like fate waits
For me with a lover who could save me
or cast me into the murky depths
Maybe the seas of time are all our tears combined
throughout time inside are all our aspirations we cast our nets for
and still we cry more than we catch
So the seas are maintained
For us to sail on...
A Close friend said "The Perfect Woman"
is much like a shark.

if I am greeted in this ocean,
by a woman
I will allow her to look at me with all primal intent.
splay my wrist open and watch her

as she smells the little turn of blood
floating now in spirals between us

I'll have done it not for the pain, or shock
but for the honesty.
to watch a creature struggling to hold onto their facade
and the tears that start to bloom in the pink
above their sharp teeth.
Look, I know sharks don't cry.
it's not about the crying,
I crave the visceral emotion.
want to give my body to the indulgence
the electric moment where
I feel them feel conflicted
with my whole body
feel their suffering and internal struggle
in my entire manic smile
tight cheeked
all eyes on them like a paid performer
or Alternatively,
I would give them all this passion,
my body in anticipation of their opening
clenching to their masks,
They Devour me.
SabreLi Dec 2016
Sick of having to compromise
My morals and beliefs
I’m sick of institutionalised
Corruption and deceit
Decisions, decisions; ‘it’s all fair’ you see
But ‘fair’ isn’t fair, between you and me.

No pain, no gain, earmarked again
But what else do you expect?
You’re a tiny fish in the shark’s domain
There’s no such thing as respect.

Word hard, lie harder, that’s the motto
Be the best act around
Tell them ‘there’s always tomorrow,’
‘Opportunity abound’
Decisions, decisions; ‘it’s all fair’ you see
But ‘fair’ is unfair, between you and me.

No pain, no gain, earmarked again
But what else do you expect?
You’re a tiny fish in the shark’s domain
There’s no such thing as respect.

Bite your tongue and swallow your pride
It’s all part of the game
They say ‘your turn will come in time’
But how long can I wait?
Delusions, Illusions; it’s not fair you see
Enough is enough, if you ask me.

No pain, no gain - walk out again
‘Cos what else do you expect?
Just a tiny fish in a shark’s domain
Life is too short for regrets.

Copyright ©2016-2017 KF
Written after an episode of frustrated disappointment I had a while ago.
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