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ShininGale Oct 2020
I knew and I still know.
I knew that I didn't belong when we were still a circle.
I still know that I don't even in the hemicycle.

It doesn't matter if were whole, when every step feels like a broken glass that is scattered all over the place.

when you thought that having a lot is many, learn from master oogway... "the more you take, the less you have".
friends are great but honesty is the best.
Robert Nov 2018
oh so you're engaged now
madly in love huh
well that's funny isn't it
I'm kind of the same
but mostly just mad
Shin Jul 2018
This PC is fixed.
I really wish I was too.
Dear God, let me die.

I am Switz
Jerrad Johnson Jan 2018
We are pack
United as one, we attack
Nothing can stand before the wolf pack

A pack united is unstoppable
But a lone wolf is trivial

End to end, we ruled the map
If you thought you were free, it was only a trap
And if were satiated, we might even cap

But there was a shift in power, and the STDs ruled from above
Death poured down from on high
And "cancer" was written in the sky

These big guns divided the pack
We became lone wolves, and trivial
We cannot stand before this attack

We remember when we were united as a wolf pack
We were pack
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
I miss my friends
The squad goals that never end
Four personalities well meshed
Inspiring artistic trends
And devouring all life has

The white is black
Salinas is back
To life inside this sack
Of flesh and bones fully intact
A beautiful heart where nothing lacks

Colombia is crazy
Pops ****** and makes them hazy
Disrespect her she'll beat you endlessly
But her heart of gold so full of love
Her home a place of rest for me

Gerlt! the artist
Intellectual and passionate
The alien prodigy
Ambitious creator
Bringing art to reality

Jon the ******
Forrest *** freako
Fifty shades of foolishness
Open minded to all people
No empathy for you though

Squad Kronicles
Taking on new challenges
Unmasking new ideas
Reaching new levels
Aliens amongst normal peoples

JM 4/29/17
I miss my friends and wanted to write a little something about them
I'm like a member of the Poetry Cheerleading Squad
Everyone gets a poem instead of t-shirts
Because everybody wins here
Nobody loses tonight
Life is very hard to win at, so i'm giving everyone a freebie if that's what is going to make them feel better.
I'd do anything to cease the issues in this very land.
All this kush we smoke
With a Gatorade makeshift ****
Ja know that its no joke,
Ja know it won't be long!

I can hear the bowl piece roll
This **** is not airtight
For when I try to light my bowl
It jingles through the night, OH!

Jingle ****, Jingle ****, Jingle all the way!
It's no fun
To simply bun
With a loose fitting **** all day, HEY!

Jingle ****, Jingle ****, Jingle all the way!
The whole squad sings
Our bowl piece rings
And everyone feels ok!
The latest in my island themed Christmas carols
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