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Apr 2016
As a wise man once said: "hinder not the learning of youth,"
So what do you do? You build walls, you are anti-social,
You don't want to talk about "it." you are angry and hurtful,
You have to punish them for misbehavior, then do what you
Please, you hand them everything they need, then take away
The keys.

A wise man once said: "better to lay you down for your friend,"
So what do you do? Every man for himself! Run off and find
A small lil' mine and dig and dig until you find gold as well,
Pick up a small piece of the pie while starving people in the
Third world die, we "can't help them all" so why not just accept
Bread lines?

A wise man once said: "It's not ours to **** others, you shall not ****."
So what do you do? You make tanks and nuclear submarines,
You create machines of death and destruction for our "protection"
With the very weapons that so easily can turn back upon us,
You always join in every war and say destruction is simply
"A must."

Wisdom has been turned into words alone, we speak it, but we do      
Not act upon it, thus we become hypocrites and knaves upon thrones.
Alan S Bailey
Written by
Alan S Bailey  M/Unlisted
   john p green
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