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Jerrad Johnson Jan 2018
We are pack
United as one, we attack
Nothing can stand before the wolf pack

A pack united is unstoppable
But a lone wolf is trivial

End to end, we ruled the map
If you thought you were free, it was only a trap
And if were satiated, we might even cap

But there was a shift in power, and the STDs ruled from above
Death poured down from on high
And "cancer" was written in the sky

These big guns divided the pack
We became lone wolves, and trivial
We cannot stand before this attack

We remember when we were united as a wolf pack
We were pack
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
The second guarantees the first; it protects us from the worst
Thomas Jefferson knew this, he expected us to prove this
The only right which guarantees all the others,
Given to us by our brothers in principle
Expected to continue the tradition,
We’ll fight when pushed too far, for our descendants we’ll wear the scar
Perhaps we’ll die in the fight, but what is our life if we have no might?
For the freedom of our children we’ll risk our lives,
We know the tyranny throughout history upon those who surrendered their rights
Absolute power corrupted their rulers and turned them into abusers
Now take courage and stand strong, show them our training is life long
Shoulder to shoulder stand together against adversity
Show our resolve and the problem may dissolve
Pray to God for a peaceful reply, and you may know peace by and by
But if the time to fight is for us no longer a controversy, have no mercy!
Fight with all your might and keep freedom in sight
Respect our founding fathers and our descendants,
Keep your morals and fight for what’s right,
Don’t bring shame on your cause or you’ve already lost
And if your blood is shed, remember: without freedom you were already dead
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
Ours sins were as scarlet, so we walked on red carpet
But that couldn’t hide, hide what’s inside
He exposed our sin, exposed our heart
Left us bleeding, a wound we couldn’t heal
But His needle was the cross, and His thread was the blood-the blood of the Lamb
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
She’s lost, though here – already gone
When you embrace her, you embrace the air
Who she is, who she was – what does it matter?
Her laugh is a memory, her presence helps not
She was never here, it’s just an illusion
We tell ourselves: she’s really here!
Be that as it may, she wills to not.
She was born the slave of another
Loosen the reigns? He will not.
Though you try, though you cry,
Your prayers fall on deaf ears – so it seems, anyway
Your God is listening, but forces none
She must see, she must believe
She can’t see: she’s fading away
Though here, she’s really not.
‘Tis a memory, she sees it not.
She races to and fro, she loves and shares
Yet living, she’s certainly a ghost
For what is her existence but a memory?
Though she’s now, soon she’s past
Forever gone, forever lost
A creature made in the likeness of her creator,
Made to be, rather than be not
She chose to not, she chose to live
But wouldn’t see in living, she was really not
Now you have eternity to forget:
She was there, though she was not
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
My view just as yours, no better or worse
Everyone’s right in his eyes

Of nothing I’m sure except there is nothing sure
A contradiction in itself, certainty of complete uncertainty!

I do as I please, and despite what you say, I will not seize
Do my actions make you feel distraught? Change my ways, you cannot!

The earth goes around, some may say; and others the reverse
It’s neither here nor there; it’s all based on what you can bear!

Of all things I know I’m right, because I feel them in my heart
How dare you disbelieve me? My faith makes me care free!

Be released from your prison, release your mind and be set free!
There is nothing absolute in life, only what kills your internal strife

You cannot offend me, in my beliefs I am firm – they are shaped after me!
Like my god - I am a clone, he looks just like me!

I overlook my deity, by defining god I become He.
My god would do no other, I am right and he can do no wrong – did I stutter?

How do I know I’m not wrong? Because I am head strong
My defenses are fully placed, my time to doubt I will not waste

I am right in my own eyes; we tell ourselves all kinds of lies
In the end, this it changed: our life and after have been exchanged
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
I was a lonely stranger
On the side of the road

You clothed me in scarlet
And my sin was my garment

Because I was once a harlot,
You knew at seducing, I was an artist.

I was a lonely stranger
On the side of the road

Because those ol' friends are so easy to bend
They came and they went, like our odds and ends.

My old friends, did you know she would steal your hearts?
She played the parts so well, she became your all, all on course.

I am a lonely stranger
On the side of the road

My friend was a lonely stranger, he never saw the danger.
On the side of the road, he became one with nature.

Now his container is at my feet, reminding me of my greed.
I was a man on the golden street, 'til I did this evil deed.
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Jerrad Johnson May 2017
Have you said the sinner’s prayer? If not, do it on a dare!
Your heart does not matter, just open your mouth and chatter
Sin is not important, just say the words – the rest is unimportant!

I’ll even think for thee; just say this prayer after me!
This mantra is our way; it’s our spray and pray!
Join our fray and don’t forget to tithe, this is the method we’ve devised

Now I add another chalk mark, unaware you’re living in the dark
To my pastor I’ll proclaim all I’ve done today: brought in a dozen more strays!
I’m not sure why they don’t stay, it must be the pastor’s fault anyway.

A gospel easy to believe, just be open to receive
My pastor says I’ve got it wrong; I should open my bible before too long
Maybe I’ll find another church instead, surely he misread

Now I’m gone and his church flourishes, converts true who get their nourishment
I opened my bible today; perhaps I’ve led them astray
I hope I can undo all of this; is it too late for their bliss?
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
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