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Khoisan Jun 2022
sun and moon

It's alright
don't ring!
bells and chimes.

coins falling
chasing tails

Dimes for lemonade
penny a drop
ain't that a crime.

wait for it
there is always
a light at the end of time
felixmae Nov 2020
she reminded me of pennies
two faced
and in everybody's pants
That Girl Oct 2020
I found a penny face up.
I flicked it off because luck doesn't exist.
At least not for me.
I picked it up and turned it to tails.
If I can't get any luck no one else can.
People say misery loves company,
But I'm just tired of things working out for everyone else but me.
I think I'm last on everyones list.
I'm the pocket change in the bottom of a purse.
I'm the last resort,
When people are desperate for some change,
Turning their purses upside down,
Throwing couch cushions,
Hoping for some luck.
I'm a lot like a penny.
But if I were a penny I'd have tails on both sides.
**** pennies.
Poetic T Jun 2020
If I had a penny
for all the lies
                  you told.

I'd melt them down,
   and shoot you in
the knee cap...

Who says pennies are worthless...
Patty Baier Jun 2020
Slow Down.
Always, Always weigh the pros and losses
Cons and robbers.
Helter-skelter the hardship & scatter every single copper.
Pennies in weight is worth a million
Always, Always
It's the small things that matter.
Claudia May 2020
What is life?
Life is
The magical moments
That keeps your heart levitated,
That keeps you on your toes,
That fills you up with warmth,
Filled with loving moments,
That you can’t get enough of,
And wish that it stays.

Life doesn’t give you what you want,
No matter how many pennies you throw into the fountain.
What is life?
Life is
The dark moments
The ones where you cry when something doesn’t go your way,
The ones where you must carry an umbrella and wear all black,
The ones where you feel like S*;
These ones are when you feel hopeless
No matter how many times you fall,
And don’t feel like you should get back up.

Everyone’s day feels like one of these.
Wake up and find out: Are you having a magical or a dark day?
But the worst of all, are the ones where it is magical then it slowly turns dark;
Where you think everything is in your favor,
And you are about to show the world that they should not mess with you
Then a text or a tweet comes in
And everyone turns their back to you.
Danielle Apr 2018
Half remembered clichés dance along the pier.
The divide between,
Sweet salty land and unending depths.
My talking dolphins sing a tune,
Unsettling and threatening.
Feed scraps from the dinner table
by my curly haired gambler.
I only see him at that old dollhouse,
Cracked and weathered by the Sea.
It insists on knocking on our red door
and staying for supper.
So it can beat us at throwing pennies in a cup
Had a dream and it made me really happy so I wrote a poem about it. It was a pretty weird dream truth be told.
Kaitlyn Amborn Mar 2018
It's something about the way yellow looks in the rain
The way that color makes me take the long way home
Something else about those days I can't remember -
Did I know I was going to forget them when I walked by?
And there was something too - about that fish I had that lived too long
And how I knew it was gone - where did it go?
There's something there -
I think I heard it in the frog song inside those warm summer nights
From under Orion's belt when I counted myself to you
Where do my somethings go when they are gone?
Are they resting in those smiles I never learned to crawl out of?
It's something about one moment to the next
And how they collect like pennies in a jar
Something about that yellow and the long way home
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
5 pennies in a nickel…
10 pennies in a dime…
25 pennies in a quarter…
100 pennies in a dollar…
Each penny plays a particular part in
the grand scheme of economic "advancement"

Money is exchanged.
It comes…
It goes…
Some people see its worth,
while others don’t.

It makes people happy,
But then again,
It only brings sadness at the same time.

It's counterproductive.

Over the counter, at the minimum wage shopping center,
Minimal glances are changed,
For minimal durations…
Each penny is a part of a whole…
There’s a price to be paid…
It moves into the hands of another.

I like putting puns in my poetry...
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