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Seranaea Jones Oct 2023

my father's stone finally replaced
the aluminum marker issued to him
after some months waiting

when i visited, i removed
this weathered plate

and then

stood for a moment—

hoping that he
might have

a perceptible bounce

after years of stilled
waters between us...

Seranaea Jones Apr 2023

illumination will conspicuously
reveal details only after such a
boorish tangency of skin can be
excused for dim–witted attempts
at enveloping one's entire surface...

s jones

Seranaea Jones Apr 2023

what can be said
about a library
depopulated of
forbidden books—

when the librarian is
legally prohibited from
conveying information
to anyone about
its contents


s jones

Seranaea Jones Mar 2023

the hands–
they still move

when i was too little
to know what it was,

i slobbered all over it
and knocked it over

daddy would just
wipe it off

check the time

and put it back on
the night stand

they still move...

s jones

Seranaea Jones Mar 2023

why is it that on certain
occasions i cannot

 )—* ~Poetry~*—(


this exquisite food-for-thought
which tumbles like shot rock
into my belly-bag underneath
the dining room table

usually due to an absence of a
detailed chewing on my part

there persists
this terrific hunger—

thus on some evenings
you will find me
my own dinner...

s jones

Seranaea Jones Mar 2023

joined by an imaginary sinew,
four walls featuring dust
compressed into sheet rock

face away from one another.

smooth within and
on the outside,

like so many houses in
this neighborhood–

everyone is insulated from the
empty stares over so much
strewn building material

yet —somehow—we are
protected from the rain

the oldest wall
no longer

the others slowly

my wall—

shedding tears like
tiny shells piling
upon a beach

breaks with the
waves into
shards of sand—

leaving ashes 

s jones

sorry that we never
Seranaea Jones Aug 2022

there is decidedly too much space
between us and the spool

all this rope and not enough bone
within our fingers to get
a good grip


with too many moons having past
to notice any stars from the bottom
of this nightmare dream well—

do we just
drip ?...

s jones

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