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There is nothing better
than the gentle caress
Of two hearts
beating in unison
Nathalie Sep 29
I drew from his lips
what he did not
dare say in words
I pulled him closer
and could feel his heart
as it beat in unison
with mine
There was no censoring
to this unraveling
desire shared
between two souls
simply wanting
to live in this
magical moment
of pure spontaneity.

RH 78 Aug 5
Grain falls through hourglass

Sand on sand, pyramid like

You grey, I grey

Withering clasping hands

Doting eyes upon growing child

Bursting beaming light

Energy combined

Distance a mere circumstance

No holding back

Intense timeless love
Left for dead May 19
My love be it in flames,
drives me steadfast as I take it by the reigns,
my love is like no other,

find me near the river,
find me near the Brooke,
find me near a creek,

I shall always be the same
this untamed and undying love
love  union man and woman    togetherness
Ominous silence!
All clocks chime in unison,
Silence recoils quick
Jade Jan 17
I imagine I'm some
mourning starlet
who sings Lana Del Rey
at the club
every Saturday night.

A honeyed halo of stage light
tangles itself about
the curled labyrinth
of my hair,
sparkles gold against
my tearing irises.

My mouth parts
and the war cries begin.

In the moments that
the melody offers
my voice repose,
I pound shots to the beat
of the drummer's ramblings.

The crowd applauds
my tipsiness,
their hoots of praise
shaking at the depths
of my eardrums
like an intoxicated tambourine.

My neuroticism
fascinates these people,
I think.

Not in an
kind of way,
but in an
it is a truth universally acknowledged
kind of way--in a
"*******, cuz I've been there too"
kind of way.

within my little,
concocted fantasy
of stage light
and music
and *****,
the people don't judge me
the way they do
on the outside.

I am not
melodramatic or
overly sensitive or

my war cries sound
a little less
like death and
a little more
like poetry.

they love me
in spite of the sadness.

we share a song--
they sing with me.
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RedD Sep 2018
Last night was spent
for the briefest of hours
held in your arms
Exquisite movements
filled with breathless longing
made in unison
Until the inevitable time
which always brings dread
I wish you could stay
I'm not sure you know how much
I yearn for your embrace
each night
We could soothe each other to sleep
and the darkness which surrounds us
would no longer keep us awake
I never really deal well with saying goodbye. One day soon S, I hope we won't need to
acacia Mar 2017
Dipped in blue waters,
tranquil vibes ebb and flow and it makes you cry.
Chambers echo and we float as our hair
catches the tides motion.
Silky bodies rubbed and collided,
lips crashing and noses touching.
The human anatomy respected
and designed by your powerful hand.
The touch and bruise of you.
Chambers echo as we dance in the sea,
creatures arise in curiosity.
I swim with you, we swim in unison.
Because the world is round it turns me on. Because the world is round. Because the sky is blue it makes cry. Because the sky is blue. Because the wind is high it blows my mind. Because the wind is high.
We might be of different races,
the colour of our skin
might be different
maybe our hair,
maybe the language
our tongues speak are different.

*But our hearts all beat the same.
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