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Blue Aug 2019
She is lonely
but she wants to be alone
She is trapped in a room
with the door unlocked

She doesn’t remember
but her dreams don’t let her forget
She wants to wake up
even if she can still see the stars

She wants to be the best
but she feels like she is the worst
she works hard
even though she cannot move
Shutterr Aug 2019
Why does it feel like
I'm suppressing my thoughts
To be in something
That makes me happy
I don't understand
EzraZebra Aug 2019
My mind
is pregnant
with alien thought
An unending duality
A dormant dialogue

Mutually multi-facetted
layers of truth and
untruth, shifting
sands and false
Ahnaf Jun 2019
Let me take a page out of the book that gave you every look you passed me when I went about my life the way that I was taught

If you had only gone as far as lit my cigarette and smiled I would have given up the world for you and your trials

When you find your rhythm let me know, but I feel that you were never searching for truths not in your bestseller book

I’m sitting here still waiting for a turn to speak, but you’ve stuffed your ears with amnesia of history; it makes you free

I’m here looking at the sky; it’s my way to feel free for a bit of time, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, unlike yours

We were never in line, and it’s all fine, until you cup my mouth with all the force you gained from never having to think twice

Now let me take a lie out of your book and make it choke on all the tears that could have drowned your pages and made you realize

Shy and soft-spoken though I might be, there are ways to talk without speaking a single word and it’s worth a thousand photographs
Ahnaf Jun 2019
Who says I'm done with my story?
it's not over yet.

I tried to cry out my pain,
but you shut me down,
straightened my frown,
and pinned me down motionless - voiceless

Now that you're gone,
I've written a song,
and I hope that you'll hear it

When the time is right,
when you've had more to fight,
the melody will strike your ears,
and I will have finally sung
H E L E N A Mar 2019
I did not beg for consciousness.
It seeped into me slowly,
Formed a steady stream.

How I despise it!
Thrashing against my porcelain walls;
Thoughts longing to be let out,

To pour from my painted face,
For you to spot "a pout!?"
Yet, it is not allowed

For I am but a doll.
A fancy figure you put up against your wall,
And forget about when you're ready for an overhaul;

Re-modelling of your room ー
My impending doom.
I am passed on,

Hand from hand,
Land to land,
But I never seem to settle

For long
Because something always goes wrong!
So tell me,

How can I be "right"?
What have I done to deserve this plight?
Why is it only I who sits in the dark on star-strewn nights?

I am but your doll;
You toy with me till you've grown bored,
Or when you've had enough of playing God.

I don't want your pity.
If I did, I just need to sit around and look pretty
Until I forget about you.
I want to be a pretty hollow, pale porcelain.

Everyone is in a battle field ,the course depends on which you wrestle against
Beings with baremouth filled with uncouth language surrounds us
A frail and feeble cotton mind buried in lies they pollute our lives with
Staining my hope for living
The stage gave me strength
I too am a fighter
Multiple eyes plants on my skin, focused on my lips as words made way
Whilst I rendered their world silent ,with truth flooding my eyes a disposition that raises brows
Gender suppression
Color oppression
Body shaming
Cultural and religious diversities
They are nothing but challenges to live better
Creating a world outside the beliefs and customs we're taught to  live by
Besides there's no blind thought in the room of wisdom
Today the sun rose earlier than it did same day last year
A beautiful reminder to the oppressors
An eccentric spirit I have
Who have wandered through the years of judgement fighting the course that had me in bed during dinner
Past tags there's more to be felt in human society
Representing the downtrodden with vain and Lain hearts
Transformation is found in each of their belief
A hope of arrival
Alongside an end to the death stakes littered in our hearts
Freedom is never granted until it is demanded for.
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