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Seanathon Nov 2019
Smooth as softened alabaster
Their scent to you an immeasurable bliss
Where the sun tucks the moon beneath his chin
Rests an endless dream no more than a wish

This series is all about containment. Quick and expressive. My kind of people.

The vision - A Lovers Embrace From South Pacific
Astral Mar 2019
My muse taunts me,
One second they'll be there,
Guiding me, I swear.
But then without even uttering farewell,
They leave me there alone in my uninspiring cell.

Sometimes they leave me for so long
I begin to forget they're there,
So I try it all out on my own.
It works I guess,
The puzzle fits,
But its just there's something wrong.

I know now that they're there,
I felt it, I felt it I swear.
But I don't know who they are,
And I don't know where they are.
But I know,
I know they're there.

I just have to wait for them to open the cell door.
Feb 7
Peter Balkus Mar 2019
Not diamonds, neither gold,
not a cross pendant,
neither a watch,
not even the smallest bead,
hidden carefully
at the bottom of your pocket
you will be able to take with you
on a journey to the Uknown.

Only as much as fits within the darkness
under your eyelid.
No more.

— The End —