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Anize Orona Jun 2021
I can only imagine the pain you have
All the signs and yet,
Everyone was oblivious
We pushed you so far away,
That there was no time for mending
Or goodbyes

I’m sure the thought of suicide
Has crossed your mind,
More than a thousand times.
So sickening to think…

I tried so hard to help you
In the many ways one could.
I never judged you…from the bottom of my heart, I love you.

I love a poor soul that is
Frail, Hurt, Alone
A soul that no Hospital could fix.
A soul I watch grow,
A soul that lost their way home
So sickening to think…

That we sleep peacefully at night
Knowing you’re maybe fine, maybe safe
So sickening to think…

Your birthday passed,
And no one blinked
While I was thinking of you all day
And hoped you got cake
So sickening to think…

I can’t sleep at night.

Flashbacks of your face.
Jenniff Hill Mar 2021
We are lost souls
tired of trying
tired of being alone.

We are lost souls
who want someone to save us
and looking something ; someone
to hold onto.
Gugulethu Jun 2020
I was fine

I was not fine

I was good

I was not good

Satan stirred the *** and I ate from it
Food that nourished my body
Yet poisoned my soul
It was dying
Gugulethu Jun 2020
"Excuse me officer, could you help me find my soul?"
"She went out last night and didn't come back home."

    We got into an argument before she left.
    She felt in my body she could no longer rest.
    So long I denied her the light she desired.
    She grew weak and hungry, she was tired.

"Excuse me officer, could you help me find my soul?"
"She went out last night and didn't come back home."
Ally Jan 2020
Somewhere between
the wind and
the rain
we missed the
beautiful rainbow
Christina Maria Mar 2019
This one man gave her everything she needed
He gave her laughter, comfort, strength, and piece of mind

He is her knight in shining armor
He makes her feel like a queen

Even when she is low
The sound of his voice raises her higher

He is her light in the darkness
He is her rock, her missing piece

Her soul had found the one she has been looking for

Rigmarole Sep 2016
Far away is not far enough
The red dust covers my feet
I walk and leave prints
But no one sees

Far away and forgotten
I float inches above the earth
My brooding eyes look about
Too many faces turn away

Red is the earth and red is my heart
I long for messages from afar
The spirits of the land whisper
And let me know that I am ok

I turn my back on past and present
Residing in this rocky place
Where what happens happens
Outside my being outside my space

It is my home and I belong
It gives me peace
Where I sing my song
I tried to drop into the spirit of ancestors in the red centre when I wrote this, it's makes me sad, but full of hope
Malign Shadows Lurk in Darkness
Sanctioned Souls Condemned and Heartless
Deviants of the UnHoly
Destroyers of Light
Cursed Phantom Death hunting DayLight
Slaves of Perdition, Martyr and Chaos reigns High
Trapped and Cursed to Consume Light
Wicked and Lustful Users of Darkness
Satan Consumer of Souls Hungry for Holy Light
Abandoned Souls seeking Forgiveness
Relentless Spirits Confined in Emptiness
Soulless Harlots Lost in Darkness
Seeking Petition from Your Royal Highness...
The harsh truth for lost souls.
George van Horn Feb 2016
I will always be devout
I will always take your word
Guided by your shouts
Anointed by your slurs

I wear this crown of spoons
So feed me til I'm hurt
Stab a fork into my hands
For sliding mine into dessert

Praise be
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