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D Mar 8
I’m gonna dream a while
Before it’s time to go
And I leave home
Because all roads lead to rome
And I intent to find her in a mile
Wasting my time meandering in the snow
Feeling like a dog trapped in a cone
Stuck in this endless drone

I’m as high as heaven
Scrawling up memories in dreams
She was there back then, in the time of street beats
Just kids snacking on packaged meats
Some time after eleven
Wearing different shades of cream
None of us could handle the heat
So we ducked in trash can shades, at least to meet

We all played drums
With pots and lids
Kool-aid and innocent imaginings as fuel
Felt rooted in yule
Every day, that’s where we’d come
It’s all we cared for as kids
With minimal labels as fools
But we were far from piles of tools

It was that way
Until it rained
And the alley tended to reek
At least for a week
One day
It was over, we were all strained
Bonds too weak
Insight on what kept us close, bleak

For us, it was all too much rain
Now I’m older
I’m prouder
Smoke shrouds her
Now it’s disappearing vistas behind my eyes, just pain
I’m a lot colder
And I can’t see past her powder
Make up all pretty like, enchanting power
This is my bane
Here I am, a bit bolder
Cheap confidence post shower
I’ll cower in my mistakes later

I can’t find the cause
Of this feeling
I think this world is killing me
What’s glee?
In all these moments of need, no pause
Just the bad choices I’m dealing
On my knees
Hoping this flip flop back is my key

But I’m feeling a little hollow tonight
I can’t hit the sack
These eyes don’t close
All I can do is pose
This plastic is strangling my prose
But then again, failure is my knack
For now and forever, I’ve lost my light
To nothing but my nature, forever blight
So many nights felt myself fading away to the cold of the night sleeping out rough on the lonely
I got lucky survived and
work my back Into society
but so many others don't
get that chance having lived that
I feel for all those the forgotten In what seems like a society that no longer cares the lost souls left alone on our
I feel sorry  for the forgotten homeless who live on our streets I survived the streets but for so many other they don't get that chance as I did to turn turn life around
Juhlhaus Feb 28
He was asking for something,
I took out an earbud to hear what.
He was born ten years after me
But looked ten years older.
He told me I'd never been in jail,
Never been homeless.
He asked if I knew
How he knew.
I said, "Good guesses."
He told me I looked different from other people,
Said there was no fear in my eyes.
He was proud of knowing so much about me.
But there was more he did not know,
Such as what makes me different
And why there is no fear in my eyes.
Johnny walker Feb 16
So many tears to fall before they'll dry If of cause they ever do for
true never dies

True devotion for Helen
I had that will also never
die for she turned around my life In so many

She saved me from what
would have been certain life on the streets for me almost as If saved by an

An Angel who heard me
and answered my
prayers and saved me In
my hour of need God bless her soul
Saved by an Angel In my desperate hour of need an
Angel that saved me from certain life on the streets
Johnny walker Dec 2018
I felt at times with Helen when laying after making love to her, I was laid In
the arm of my own personal Angels assigned
only to
For she had saved me from a life of loneliness an existence on the streets where If not for my Angel I probably would have died there
I used to pray God don't leave me alone to die on the streets
someone must have heard me pray and sent to me my own personal Angel to rescue me
from my sad life my Angel who breathed new life Into me, but
I could do nothing for my Angel when she died but to sit with her and wait for the Inevitable closure on her life
and on our life together bless my Angel who was sent to save
me, so sad I couldnt save my Angel Helen
My own personal Angel Helen who saved from a life on the streets breathed new life Into me
emma hunt david Dec 2018
when you’re going solely off of what feels right, it’s pretty easy to be swayed when you ate bad chicken or take a bubble bath or the streets look friendly but so does the underside of my comforter so you tell me how am i supposed to know?
Nadia DeLevea Nov 2018
Across the air rang like a choir,
Screaming out, "please ceasefire!"

My enemies my death conspire,
Hunting as with wolflike desire,

Each soul appears not but a liar,
Flesh torn, ripped on barbed wire,

Lust a blood like burning fire,
Swept away with ashes prior,

Kindling under darkest desire,
Shadowed street hunts supplier,

Skeletal corpses crawl to acquire,
Trading of souls given and buyer,

Needing a fix goes higher, higher,
Laced with delusions do transpire,

Beautiful psychosis of thorny brier,
Taken ahold discarded shier,

Memories faded in treaded tire,
Eyes glare don't dare to enquire,

Undoubtedly lost in death retire.
It's a different kind of world out there in the city streets at night. Desperation of addictions and an unknown kind of darkness.
Isabel Aghahowa Nov 2018
roaming through city streets
swimming in lakes of luminous ink
drifting above speckles of homogeneous aliens
that paint in black and white
for they cannot see the colours of the rainbow
that i see every night
Johnny walker Nov 2018
There was a time I did
once live upon the streets
the hardest thing I ever
It not but a few days ago
8 homeless people died
on our streets, what wrong
with the government who
run our
How can they allow this to
happen where Is the
why do they not ever want
ever want help there own
after all most put out on the
street due there
Do they not understand but for
chance all of us could end up
in the street I should know I've
Government where Is there compassion Is It they all become so greedy they just give a dame
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