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TheKatIsDead Dec 2023
at some point, you just know that
you have got to let them go

of the first time we connected
all those memories we both established
those quirks, my quirks
and remained are flaws, irredeemable flaws

of the places we visited
and of the places that could have been
they now remain as stolen dreams
and retain in them, nightmares born
to its deserving king

of the ideas and lies that
perpetuated my thoughts
to you and for you
like a love that stalks rather
than one you wish I would have

of you
he who once was the sun to me
whose smile was solace like the moon
and though, most probably, it was all built in lies
it was something, truly moving
but remains in the sky, was nothing

that is why these things have to go
the stains that once belonged
and in their places are impressions, gone
what now remains, if they wish to remain,
are dreams that turned into nightmares
ghosts that I long ignored
love once harbored
and... you
Still not feeling well. These thoughts just hit like a truck at the most peaceful moments in life as if life is telling me that I do not deserve this peace.
TheKatIsDead Dec 2023
in the end, I am declared

to be free from the chains of contrivance
to finally rely on noble companions
from facade to its truths
born flowers will bore fruit

to be requested release
and to forever deny its reprise

to be loved, and finally to love
and matters not that never mattered
past chains perish, and the future followed
as warm as the sun
forever cursed to bear the fervor

to be chained,

to be denied and drought
as I have done to he
as the moon without its sun

at the start, the only crime committed
was being me
I miss my best friend, but even a thousand sorries and taking responsibility would never make him forgive me.
TheKatIsDead Nov 2023
on the first day,
silence exists
to none; it awaits
the spark to turn
its light into sound
from singularity
to polarity
fastens and worsen

its glaze turns to screams;
the kaleidoscopic cacophony
turns nothingness
to an array of beauty

god looked at
the neverending pyre
and said
"that is all good"

he rest well the next day
TheKatIsDead Oct 2023
the concept of art
is a mere combination
of common logic
and compelling academic
yet when it comes
to an abstract composition
it all falls down
to pure academic

but it does not mean
that a work’s meaning
becomes diluted with
academic discourse
but it does mean
that its meaning
is measured by
someone who sees
the moment of clarity
at the right distance
at its sufficient mindset
TheKatIsDead Oct 2023
what can be classified
as romantic?
do both parties partially understand
the mechanics
of exchange, its similies and subtleties
or worse,
the nature of its never-stagnant

of course, as a writer myself,
one could
always find the answer
but would
never find the perfect example
as if
the mere combination of a couple
letters of

would fit your needs as well as mine
nonetheless, my friend, we all
know the
answer, somewhere, and I'd like
to believe
that the person you'd write to
knows that too.
I think it feels meta-modern; meta-modern in the sense that it is not only exhibits a meta element (this is already achieved within postmodern poetry and by extension meta-modern) but rather it exhibits the emotions of a metamodern piece.
TheKatIsDead Oct 2023
"are you happy?"
reanimating sound


"I am asking for a yes or a no"

"so which is it?"

"are you truly happy?"
It's one of the postmodern poems that I am kind of proud of
TheKatIsDead Nov 2019
I told someone
that I like sunny days
that I like the sun and clouds
above me

That I like the summer breeze
in the hot and humid weather
and the cloudy skies
above me

I like sunny days
Like the person I told
about sunny days to
Days that never end, never waver

Never there
There is always going to be rainy days
As in the darkest clouds and hardest rain,
the coldest wind in the chilling weather

But the skies

The skies remind me of summer
Like the person I told
about sunny days to

And I've always told him
that I liked the weather, hot or cold
and the rain that never seem to waver

above me
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