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TheKatIsDead Jan 31
Here I am,
Here again,
Falling and falling
Again and again

From the sky,
From your arms,
Again and again
I am losing myself

From all the stars,
All the moons and suns,
They leave
They vanish away

Closer to the ground
Screaming louder and louder
Letting all the waters fall
Down and down and down

Down and down
Down and


Here in the sea, flowing where I am
Going to go, anywhere, the waters take me,
Swimming while staying at the surface,
Looking up there in the sky, and
Again I feel myself rising up.
Again, rising and rising
Again and again
And again
TheKatIsDead Jan 31
Far from here, away from me
A monster resides in the sea
As dark and as calm like the eye of the storm
Lingering deep down silently from many

It feeds off from the people who
Comes and goes
Into the eye of the dark storm
Away from the noise of premonition

And it moves, either fast or slowly
Within the waters of the sea
Eating away any fantasy

And the ships that managed to sail within
Face a monster that murders and kills
They either sink deep down or sail away

An entity who seems to embody something
And little by little, it follows me

To the point that it vanishes in the sea
Unbeknownst to many, it was underneath

It's calm, it's dark, I cannot see

That the monster in the sea was actually me
TheKatIsDead Jan 27
The wondrous sound of the night
reminds me of a time where
the clock does not stop to ring at midnight
where the busy streets became busy lights
and within that long and winding road, there is nothing.

I can hear nothing, and such sound is frightening.
I hated it once, where I am just a child
And now I wanted to embrace the night
Full of nothing and devoid of everything.

Silently I walked about the night,
walking and listening to the sound
That meant that the night doesn't wish to leave me

And I really didn't wish to leave
The cold, silent, wondrous night,
This was my fondest memory of summer before I returned to school. I had problems with my school and it's difficult to look for escape. The night was my escape then and still is. Still, it cannot hide the fact that there is indeed an event that needs to be mediated.
TheKatIsDead Jan 27
It was then that I believed again,
that maybe after the fight, maybe after everything,
maybe if the storm has finished its symphony
everything would be as it should have been

Me, falling asleep, within your arms,
and you, trying to sleep within mine,
and us, trying to figure out whether it was love or not.

I didn't understand anything yet.
I didn't grasp the sight of your eyes through mine
or the wondrous melancholy of your personality.
I didn't do anything. I cannot do anything.

And at times, I fell prey to my darkness.
I further regretted the moment that I knew,
the moment when I thought I really knew

that I could possibly fall in love again,
and you can possibly give it back.

Yet you, as I knew, weren't like the others.
At times of misery, you appeared before me.
At times of darkness, you served as my light.
But I can't do anything still for you.

But even after everything, even after the symphony,
you grabbed my hand, and I followed
out of the storm, and into your heart.

That's when I believed again
This was my depression poem, the one that wishes for me to be saved. Whenever I feel down, I love reading this again and again because I was so in love at this time. I want to feel that feeling again.

It was only a matter of time that it did become a reality for me.

— The End —