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TheKatIsDead Nov 2019
I told someone
that I like sunny days
that I like the sun and clouds
above me

That I like the summer breeze
in the hot and humid weather
and the cloudy skies
above me

I like sunny days
Like the person I told
about sunny days to
Days that never end, never waver

Never there
There is always going to be rainy days
As in the darkest clouds and hardest rain,
the coldest wind in the chilling weather

But the skies

The skies remind me of summer
Like the person I told
about sunny days to

And I've always told him
that I liked the weather, hot or cold
and the rain that never seem to waver

above me
TheKatIsDead Nov 2019
The sun is going to rise
Pretty soon,
the flowers will bloom
the trees greet with open arms
the birds hum and the bees buzz
farmers start planting and watering
people start running around for errands
machines start buzzing
cars start driving
and the river starts flowing downstream

It's almost going to end
But pretty soon,
the sun is going to rise
after the long and silent night
everything will start moving
like the sun
TheKatIsDead Nov 2019
There are days where
I wish
The sun won't shine
'Cause I want the day to be

The same as yesterday

Like some kind of  voodoo magic
In where
I close my eyes
Hold your breath for three counts

And awaken to the sight of a dull day

But when I open my eyes
I saw
A brighter world
Filled with stars and lights

Like the sky being greeted with a kiss

And there, in the middle
Smiling back
Bright and wondrous

And magical
  Nov 2019 TheKatIsDead
Random Guy
are just like
to heal
poison us
TheKatIsDead Nov 2019
don't speak
I know why you feel this way
I know
not because I saw your posts
but because I've been there before

and I know
the best way to catch you
is to show that I am ready
to catch you when you're falling

and I know
that the only way to save you
is to be the one
that can open your eyes
and in the process
be lost in the same eyes
the ones you lost in the first place

but I can't lose myself to you
I can't be the one to save you
I can't be the one for you

but I can still be there for you
I know that I am not what you wanted
but I know I can be the one you needed the most

I know
cause I've been there before
and I don't wanna lose someone
just because I can't be the one
who can save you the way
you wanted it to

I just want to save you
It's all about some depressed guy that is just way over there, you know. Maybe I am wrong, maybe, but maybe am correct. Cause sometimes, the person lost in the stars loses himself to feel sane.

But sometimes, that someone just needs someone to say that there are things to see other than stars. And that's where the trouble began

I started to crush on that guy.
TheKatIsDead Oct 2019
I'll stay
Even when you hated it
Even when I can't take it
Even if you wanted to let go
Even if I wanted to find someone else
Even if you find it difficult to understand me
Even if I find it difficult to look for you
I'll stay
Just for you
Because I really want to stay
In the end
It's always going to be you

Even if you won't make me crazy
Even if I can't make you smile
Even if all you bring is trouble
Even if all I bring is worries
I'll stay
Just for you
Because it's worth it to stay
There's no one worth loving
Than you
TheKatIsDead Oct 2019
It's almost gone now
The feeling where the wind blows
every single cotton up to the sky
Like a fog of clouds filling the sights of mine

Yet, not all cotton flies like the rest
Some stick to you even when you push it away
Even when you do your best to remove it

So I kept the cotton fur, even if it's annoying
It still makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
I miss the sky, but sometimes I miss you even more
Even if you aren't mine to begin with
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