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ross Apr 29
and so i had fallen for her
just as day becomes night;
quietly and patiently
without knowing
too then all at once.
the sun sets;
birthing an endless
array of stars;
in that darkness
in their audience
i confessed my love for you.
the universe held it’s breath
time stopped
planets wept
for i had been here before;
i would love you and lose you
in a thousand lifetime’s
if it meant i could have you
for just one.
ross Apr 19

that’s the curious thing
about love;
it cannot be defined.
it cannot be measured
or reasoned with.
it knows no limit
it transcends time
and bridges space;
to love or be loved
or even have been loved
is to exist somewhere, forever.

ross Apr 16
if i told the sea
the way in which
I feel for you;
she would leave her shores
abandon her waves
and follow me across
the endless horizon
in search of you.
ross Apr 10
they say you wear
the face of whom
you loved most
in a past life.
perhaps that is why
i can only see you
in everything.
ross Apr 9
the sun and moon
yearned for one another
but time kept them apart.
tracing the horizon
an endless dance
they wait for an eclipse;
proof, that even against all odds
the most improbable love
can always find a way.
you are my moon.
ross Apr 8
i’m here again.
i see you without seeing you
i feel you without touch
another night, black words
on white walls
i find myself hopelessly
seeking you out.
restless, relentless
i no longer know what i even
hope to find at its end.
perhaps only the stinging comfort
of knowing your near
within my grasp
like the gods of old
filling the night sky
with so much wonder
for i to only look upon in awe.
like pyramus and thisbe
through a crack in the wall
we whisper our love.
you are engraved within me
this cannot be for nothing
i refuse it.
countless moons
have come and went
radio silence
an entire world between us
yet i cannot give up;
the idea of you.
i exist in a fantasy,
a childlike dream
i peel back the veil of time
and gaze into you once more.
i do not know
what souls are made of
but what ever it is;
ours are the same.
and if that is all
we where ever destine to be
a flicker in time
a fleeting moment
a blip in space;
then i have cheated
fate from her cruel wish.
for i have lived out
countless life's
with you in my mind  
my muse;
i have dreamt you
into my existence;
and here you remain.
ross Apr 5

she is a flower moon
on a still summer night
filling the sky
by an endless
ocean of stars
suspended in blackness
radiating wonder
her presence;
unlike any other
her light;
a perpetual glow
even without trying
even without knowing
you outshine them all.

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