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ross Jun 2022
i miss you.
i miss you more
than i ever thought
humanly possible;
over 1000 moons passed
and still;
you dominate my thoughts.
i see moments and memories
of you all around me;
in everything.
i’ve never known
an allure like this.
so, constant.
i miss your advice
i miss your presence
every stolen glance
every sacred moment
magic pouring from your
cinnamon apple
stained lips
in the corridors
of my mind;
you usher me in.
in the darkest depths;
yours is a light
that never goes out.
see me, read me, and know you made everything worthwhile.
ross May 2022
a summer night
moonlight spilling
onto your bed;
a fleeting memory
a moment lost in time
laying beside you
a beautiful rapture;
and all the chemicals in my head.
ross Apr 2022

perhaps indeed
the greatest tragedy
the heart can endure
to lose the only one
to ever understand you;
the only one to see the perfection
of your imperfections
the only one too listen
when others speak
it’s a curious pain
to miss another so deeply
a kind of loss that consumes
memories of what once was
haunting hollow nights
you see;
even in your absence
you taught me;
time is the cruelest mistress
she wouldn’t let me have you.
she won’t let me forget you.

ross Apr 2022

with tired eyes
and mumbled breath
suspended in limbo
between the veil;
of the world awake
and realm of dream
each night i wait patient.
for there is place
where the safely insane
and longing hearts
meet once more.
amidst a sea of faces
the hands of time fall still
and then i see you;
your stare cuts me open
your gravity pulls me in
helpless, i smile.
for to be lost in your darkness
drowning in your gaze
honey soaked kisses on my lips
is the safest place i’ve ever known.

ross Apr 2022

my body a vessel
my being, come true
from the source of my soul;
all my rivers and oceans
flow straight back to you.
for only you, could weave a magic
a witchcraft so divine;
that just a single thought of you
can take me back through time.
reliving each and every moment
every kiss and stolen glance;
to laying laying alone in darkness
realising it would be our last.

i still think of you every single day.
ross Dec 2021

the passing of seasons
sown guilt on my mind;
a quiet place in my head
i venture into too find;
the light of ten thousand suns
your perpetual glow;
and just how much i once loved you
you could never know.

ross Nov 2021

here is a place
my heart comes to mourn;
a place where these thoughts
are seldom my own.
a place frozen in time
your face covers these walls;
a cold lovers waltz
still haunting these halls.
a window through time  
i am left to adore;
here is a place;
i will love you, once more.

i hope your still smiling, wherever you are.
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