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Look up on the sky,
the stars were too high
and soon I'll let you down
we're the lost Pilgrims,
the believers that the Earth
will stop its rotation
we're in the middle of it all,
until you recognize my face again.
I hold your hands
and somehow, we'll find our way.
OupaGollie Sep 4
It has been well over a year
and I had this sudden surge of curiosity

What happened to the person whom I called my dear?

Was she happy and living in prosperity?
Or did her life fall into hardship?

You have your dream job and dream boss
Your graduation must have put the cherry on top

Our friendship could have stood the test of time
But it was turned on its' head like the flip of a dime

I still remember our last words like yesterday
and it still fills me with great dismay

The person who drove us apart is nowhere to be seen
Is that how long it has been

I also see you found new love
I hope he makes you happy, my dear Dove
cupid Aug 23
i wrote poems for you like a prophet writes for his god
they werent for you though
i wrote them for me
i thought i needed to love you
to be with you
but i didnt
i was just confused and i felt lost
i figured out that we didnt need to be anything more than just
sorry pretty boy, i dont tneed to write about you as much
Aur yu hi Kahi gum thi mai Apne aaj Mai jab us purane gaane ki aahat ne khola in kuch dabi yaado Ka darwaza.
Kuch Yu liya apni baaho Mai mujhe unhone ki rok na pai khud ko Mai.
Aur lipat roo padi unse.
Mujhe rota Dekh muskura padi vo yaade aur boli, hum to Tere sath hai to kyu roo Rahi Hai Tu?
Chor to koi aur Gaya Hai...
Hum to Tere sath hi Hai!
Kar Tu humse pyaar Zindagi bhar sath denge tera
Jessa Asha May 10
Dear diary.  May 12 . Friday.
"Gettin' up was the first mistake I made today
Maybe if I'd stayed in bed I wouldn't hurt this way
For now I'll have to face the world admit that we're all through
And begin my first day without you."
I wake up today with dry tears and punch of eyebags.
Scrolling my phone.  And here again,  i received a text from him saying "im tired" i cant help but burst tears again.  So i decided to off my social media's. And to be brave to blocked him to avoid bursting my tears again.  Cause i know,  you will never come back again and i cant do anything but to see you walking away.  
Diary,  now,  i have to fixed my things. Cause ill be leaving far away today with a heavy heart.
Kathleen M Apr 17
if i had known that the pain
i'd have to endure by you
would eventually earn me him
i would cut my own wrists
and watch them bleed
i'd let you
wound me with your vocal weapon
i'd beg you
wrap your hands around me
around my swollen neck
bruise my heart until you're satisfied
and leave me in pieces
spread them far and wide enough
so that he will find me
find me everywhere
leave me empty enough so that he can
fill me up and mend the cracks
of my battered surface
let him be the soil that sows my seed
the core to my being
then we shall grow together
and bloom in unison
in sunlight
ffn Apr 4
I thought new hands on my skin
would burn
My skin is healthier than ever
I don't feel your fingerprints anymore
Theia Apr 1
from beneath the layers
of my buried past
you emerged

old love, regifted
EricM Mar 8
I'm sorry, baby
I'm seeing someone new

They called me crazy
They called me a ***
In the centuries since your departure
I vowed to go stag
Until there was someone else
Who could take the place of you

I'm sorry, baby
I'm seeing someone new

I've loved many women
I never could touch
I've touched many women
I never could love
It's time to go back
To that place in my head
The one where I lived
Before you'd lain on my bed

I'm sorry, baby
I'm seeing someone new

One by one the girls go past
Each more beautiful
And radiant than the last
Memory's not much to live on
So I watch as they pass
A couple drops of water
For the Scotch in my glass

I'm sorry, baby
I'm seeing someone new

I was so strong before you
I thought nothing could break
Until you left me so lonesome,
So tired, so weak that
I thought I might die
Shattered like headlights
On the forth of July

I'm sorry, baby
I'm seeing someone new

If you have something left to give
Though you don't owe a thing
I'd ask for some closure
A call, just a little ring
So you can tell me again
That it won't **** me, I'll live
Tell me again in that callous little tone
Hand me down my sentence
And then hang up the phone
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