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Mike 4d
there are spiders in my hair
building nests and killing flies
there are spiders in my hair
cobwebs in my heart, and fangs in my eyes
you don't have to do this, she said
as the lights flickered dim
and the rain started to fall
you don't have to do this, she said
i know, i said -
i know.
Oscar Apr 5
my veins are the cobwebs of my soul,
intertwining and winding around my thick bones;
i'm like scaffolding, tall, and rigid, and ready to come down.
thick ducktape binds my seams together.
my eyes are the keyholes to my soul, they stare out and wonder:
what happened to the bright blue skies and thick, green trees?

my fingernails have rusted, cracked and sharpened at the pain.
long years of clawing my way down a winding road have led
me here, sewn together by dreams once wished upon a star.
my ribs have caged my hope for so long, bared iron,
protecting my heart and all that's left of what once was.
i hold my breath, and i'm ready to come down.

sunken eyes like the grave of my mother,
dark, rough and duller than cake at a funeral. i hold my breath.
living is like drowning, the anchors of my dreams anchoring
me down into the void. i scream out. i kick out. i claw out.
i come down, shaking and aching and ready to break.
cobwebs cover me, dust coats my lungs in pain.

i'm ready to come down.
sophie Apr 4
i feel like my eyes are puncturing through the tombstones of a life not lived to its fullest. something of the sum of my worth, two holes in my skull that are chock full of air seeping to the brim with thickness and agony, weighs me down in shackles. i am not alone in this place, no, but i am empty, cold and vulnerable and weak, thin and haggard, scraping the surface of living. this—no. this is not living. this is surviving—this is the tightrope wire between surviving and dying—this is, essentially, dying. my mouth is filled with spiderwebs—i speak to no one but myself, hands dry and lips drier, throat raw with a voice i’ve only used to scream.
i cannot scream any more.
abigail j s Feb 20
I've fallen to mapping
the deepest parts of my forehead
again. these days it feels like
I'm climbing the jungle gym of my mind,
clearing away cobwebs and
dust-covered boxes into my lap,
searching yellowed scrolls and broken crates
for diamonds.
it's not that I feel far from
the present, just as if
I'm swimming through it,
my head the only part of me
above the water.

it's been a little while but
I am still only climbing,
praying, and
scribbling words
on a familiar page.
written July 31, 2018.
Brittany Hall Nov 2018
I'm just a lamp.
You're just a bulb.
I give you power.
You give me light.
I stand tall and strong, waiting to be used.
You roll around, fragile, easily breakable.
Together we ignite something beautiful, that makes the world a little brighter.
It's nothing magic, just how we were wired.
One day I will fall, my intricate shade will crack.
My solid base absorbs the shock, so you remain intact.
Turned loose from me, you're ******* back into the old lamp from the closet.
Amazing, it still lights up, covered in dust and cobwebs.
A little warmer, yet a little more dim.
The only problem now, is that lingering scent, of burning dust and cobwebs.
You used me, but I understand.
Julian Delia Sep 2018
Stirring, snaking, coiled up in your soul –
Slurring, shaking, embroiled like an actor in a role.
You feel it rise up from a well of distaste,
With zeal, it controls you,
Suppressed anger flowing with haste.

Truth chips away at your defences,
Your uncouth hips sway off-tune
As your mind battles in the trenches.
You feel it, again;
An anger that shakes the cages it is in,
A battle for the ages, confined to the mind within.

It doesn’t have to be like that;
You shouldn’t have to bow down to a philistine
Just because their wallet is fat.
Stop the defensive, launch the attack!
Let the awakening happen, get the vermin off your back!

Be the message that ends this war on the poor!
Arise from the wreckage, and of this be sure:
You are controlled only if you act demure,
If your faith in what you believe is right
Lies cold, dead and insecure.

Youth to the fight!
Bring truth to the light!
All will be lost
Unless the fires of justice burn bright.
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Menagerie…by Jessie 6/06

Too many days are all the same
The will has left, the inert pendulum silent, no longer marking time  
Glass menagerie collecting dust
A ghost town of frail figurines
Lifeless the sheen, pail from coatings of yesterday
Not even the trace of a fingerprint to announce interest
Tawas a time, excitement from the prospect of a new-collected piece, while much deliberation was given to its placement
Diligently, maintenance provided, dusted and polished
Imagination carrying fantasies of amusing situations and images  
Laughter recounted when viewed by innocent eyes
Now the foundations mirrors will not reflect what was or what is
Each days accumulation, another layer, each layer a little duller
Soon the only connection, a web, thin and translucent, linking one to the other
Paralyzed fragile pieces of glass, drowning in a sea of negligence
Your name whispered into a box of mementoes
Awaiting for renewed curiosity of another generation
Orion H Jan 2018
Words unspoken, truths unsaid
Lies are spinning spiderwebs

Sleek, sticky, uncouth, unclean,
Hisses, dies, but won’t quite leave

Regret sinks, seeps through cracks
Bursting, rotting, emotion lacks

Like a fly; caught in a web,
Buzzes, struggles, alive then dead

Spreading poison through the flies,
Sticking, hurting webs of lives

“Change me! Change me!”

Birds that sing
Screeching, die with broken wings

Crawling, creeping, chills my back
Hissing, dying, emotion lacks

No more flies, cannot feed,
Hisses, dies, but won’t quite leave

Remaining behind, even still,
Cobwebs spun,
Lives fall apart or are even killed.
Be careful not to indulge in lies, white or not.
Elin Roberts Nov 2017
what intricate webs we must have weaved
dewy drops like tears drip from each strand now
drowning memory with a single drop
but how could you miss what you can't even remember?

because finally
you have said goodbye
told me to leave you be
and my heart has broken

unsure of what to do
this being has cracked
splintered even
shards fly everywhere


i guess it's time to put the cobwebs to rest
dust them away to the wind
spin a memory with everlasting happiness
that no amount of pain could wash away

because i believe
in a life of good feeling
in a life of self worth
a life where i can accept myself for me

and i now see
that i am worthy of a love
greater than anything you could've given
i am worth more than settling for something i'm not

but i still thank you
because without this lesson of love
i would never have seen
what was invisible to me

self worth.
self worth
The Mind used to be a walk in Spiders' Nest
A carving knife or two ,from  the Treasure Chest
Too many to put to Rest

I Carve my way through without a Blink
To find a Place to Think

Spinnerets Dexterous
The Spiders spun

The thoughts
Held Captive
Deeply Embedded
In Cobwebs

The knives Dexterous
I Remove
The Cobwebs

The Spiders
Now Tamed
Spin the Webs
In concentric Circles

The thoughts in Tracks
Each Compact Disc
Well stacked in Racks
Played in the words
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