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I S A A C Jan 29
I refuse to diffuse myself
I refuse to refuse myself of these bubbling feelings
you brought me to a boil
you tried to be my character foil
scrub and rub myself clean of your imprinted kisses
but my mind is still tattooed by all your smooth moves
I was too naive and you were too cool
made me question my reality, made me lessen my sexuality
walking the line for someone again like the fool
Gale L Mccoy Jun 2020
the brightest white is a thin layer
of clouds spread across the sky
thick enough to warp the sunlight behind
all that has shape and color
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
It is not unusual that at some point in our lives we will have to deal with a tense encounter where words will be exchanged in an environment of anger with others. Usually there is one person who is in less control of himself and poses a greater risk to harm the other. How do you defuse the situation? How do you calm someone who is angry? First, talk with a low calm voice. Secondly, show them your white teeth (smile), if possible. And don't look them directly in the face. These three suggestions are predicated on the fact that they are all non-engaging and have a tendency to calm or reduce tension from the aggravated party.

It all starts by using the wrong words, or the right words interpreted the wrong way by the offended party. This escalates potentially becoming a provocation by someone who is incensed or upset over a matter. Angry words then usually follow. Depending on how you handle things, will determine whether you succeed to defuse the situation or not. And sometimes, just sometimes, friendship regains that upper hand. This is the best case scenario which everyone could only want.
I tried to capture all this with a short Haiku that now follows:

a word, provoking
angry words are now exchanged
smiles come, peace remains

As an interesting afterthought, a person once shared with me his unusual approach he himself uses to avoid getting angry. He told me whenever he feels that he is about to get angry he forces himself to laugh uncontrollably and loud that his anger not "take control of Him." He said it works. I am fortunately happy to tell you have never had a chance to test his system out.
A short Haiku poem that discusses a way to avoid anger

— The End —